How's that working for you?

As the economy continues to evolve I'm finding more and more that a college degree just ain't (that's right I said ain't) what it used to be.

Once upon a time having a college degree meant you would be among the top earners, but not anymore.

During the past five years, even incomes for the college educated have stagnated. Many economists, including Mark Zandi of Moody's, now say that college is not enough.

I know this has been true for me. Since about 2001 my corporate salary has only moved a few percentage points (annual increases), to only be eaten up by higher prices. I'm what you might call a preverbial runaway slave because I'm always looking for a way to leave the corporate plantation. Anyway, how has college worked for you? Has your degree provided the opportunities that you thought it would?

By the way, check this out:

Here's one cautionary note about the ability of individual Americans to change their economic circumstances. Despite the fervent belief among Americans that we all have a chance to make it to the top, recent studies suggest the United States is actually among the least economically mobile of the big industrialized countries.

This doesn't mean you can't make it. It just means that "the system" has gone to great lengths to keep you in the rat race. Just remember, the more pressure you face, the more creative energy you are given. You will make it if you don't lose faith.

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Lance said...

i theorized with the introduction of commerce via the world wide web (www) back in the late 90's, people began to see making money in different rays of light. and with that gain a new approach to creating their own career and business successes with or without a degree.

the business world is also simply too crowded.

California Dove said...

Degree=Power, or so I thought. I had my 10yr plan to make it from pediatric therapist to hospital administrator. Well with a few detours,I'm an administator for healthcare centers. Each month I sit on a conference call with my peers, mostly home-grown managers: you know the ones who started as receptionist and 20yrs later is top dog. they can't create a business plan, forecast budgets -no business mind at all...yet we all make the same salary range.

Reality: The only difference is my STUDENT LOAN!!!!!