Death Blow

Not even a week has passed since Jesse Jackson gave his support to Barack Obama and the press has already started ignoring him.

I was watching the CBS Morning Show on Saturday and they were doing their political recap of candidates and they didn't once mention Obama. They did however mention Hilary, John Edwards, Rudy Guiliana, and John McCain. Sounds like Obama is finally getting treated like a black man in this campaign, and for what?

Having a friend named Jesse.

If Reverend Al comes out for him, he may as well cancel Christmas.

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Sheletha said...

wow, so its like that? I recently signed up for some community service for Obamas campaign. I don't know what they are going to have me do yet, but Im realy excited to participate.

dc_speaks said...

wow...that was unbelievable! I have to agree with you! It was a huge blow...not a good thing at all!

Great post and insight ,brah!

Lance said...

well, you know....

it was fun while it lasted, the sheer fun of a well-educated black man running for office, but when it comes down to money, networking, backing....hillary is gonna take the cake. already, she's raised a record $26 mil...john edwards, $14 mil..and obama, well, let's just kno' we we'll be that cheerleader but when it comes to being that benefactor, nudda story.

the obama camp are mum on the issue. if the truth is known, he's probably gonna have less than $10 mil. and might as well use that to compete for a secretary of state or cabinet position.

Lo said...

Well, they've gotta mention Obama now. Lance, as of this writing, he's now up to $25 million in campaign funds. See the article here:

Obama Rivals Clinton in Fundraising

Rich in the Stl said...

Now that's impressive.

CapCity said...

And, uh...I do believe the "grapevine" method of spreading the news continues to serve Black folx! They may not promote that method in the media - but I still hold faith that Brother Obama will shake it UP!! Don't sleep just cause the media doesn't say it. We come from a people of strong UNDER currents;-). Death Blow, inDEED...u may want to change the blog-title to: the words of Brother Gil Scott Heron "Look over your shoulder mu'f*&r, I AM COMING!" ;-)

Mizrepresent said...

The brothers come up....26 million up...JJ didn't hurt him that bad.

Lance said...

WHAT?!!!!! OBAMA??? 25MIL????

say d.c., got anymo' of that crow leftovers?