Day #2 - Prosperity Game

Today's Amount - $250

Each day the amount goes up, so I hope you are ready to spend your money. Don't forget, spend it on yourself, and track your feelings.

One other thing. As we get up in the high dollar amounts, you may want to create a Vision Board for yourself and find pictures of the things you want and paste them on there. Write something that speaks to you across the top. A mantra or a scripture. Something to help your belief that those items are coming to you.

Have fun, this is going to get interesting.

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Rich in the Stl said...

I decided to start over. I wouldn't have picked the same items for day two as I had previously.

Visit Date Tue 17 Apr 2007
Spending Samsung BlackJack Phone
Desire Level 8/10
Resistance 2/10
Your Comments This is a really cool cellphone. You can surf the web with it, watch tv, watch videos, play mp3's and a lot of other cool stuff.

With the mail in rebates and other discounts, I can get this $500 phone for half the price.

Shai said...

I feel good today. Mayve from the endrophins walking to work from the bus stop. LOL.

I picked getting my hair done. I love braids and they last over 2 months. So I feel not guilt getting my hair done for 250. Just the sitting for 5 hours is the killer. That's fine though. LOL.

Spending Get my hair done in microbraids with the expensive long lasting hair.
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 1/10
Your Comments I feel great about a cute hair style I can afford and not freak trying find an economical braider and hair.

Sheletha said...

Summary of Today's Visit
Spending Airline ticket back home to Michigan - $250
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 1/10
Your Comments Ive been feeling really homesick lately, and going back home to visit family and friends makes me feel wonderful. I miss the companionship. I just wanna go home.

Mizrepresent said...

I bought a desk for my home office, i found it in a unique little shop just north of Dalton, GA. It has a leather top and drawers, with cherry mahogany wood, it's elegant and lovely and so me. It cost me $250.00
Desire Level 9/10
Resistance 7/10
Your Comments:

I feel great about this purchase, because the moment i saw that desk i wanted it...i am so happy about having it, especially when the money didn\'t come from bills or savings, but a gift from the universe. Ahhhhh feels good, that leather is so neat!

CapCity said...

Hmmm - in reading the desire levels & comments of others' - they seem to relate to each individual "spending session". My levels & comments refer to my overall being at this point in life. Is there a specific way we should be gearing our comments BigBroRich? since u seem to know the outcome:-)

Wed 18 Apr 2007
Incl. tips:$7 - Brows threaded & $100 - home cleaned. $40 - gas for car, $20 to each of my parents, $13 to church, $50 on books.
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 3/10
Your Comments There is still a bit of a nagging that is holding me back, a bit of resistance. I'm excited about the new alignment & flow that I'm feeling, experiencing & witnessing and I want to be able to completely let go of ALL that is 'snagging' me. Thanks to The Creator for all my blessings!

Rich in the Stl said...

Everyone's experience will be different CAP. Right now my comments are pretty superficial and just based on the excitement of getting stuff, but I'm sure they will evolve as I move forward.

Shai said...

CAP, I have gotten my hair done for $250 and tripped out. It felt good to spend without tripping. Hence, when I saw my hair 2 years ago and enjoyed the months of freedom, I did not trip on the price anymore. Hence, I am learning to not trip so much on spending money on myself.

CapCity said...

tha's cool,thanx Rich, i just wanted to know how to play your game:-).

Shai, GIRL, I spent close to $300 dollars once to get my hair done here in NYC. I said NEVAH again (unless, i find a fantastic individual who comes to my home or travels with me. LOL!). I don't have a problem paying to pamper myself, but I'm used to getting great haircare service in DC for less than $100, especially since i don't chemically treat my hair.

Oh, regarding the Vision Board, Rich - I will suggest that we save our real $$ and simply purchase a bulletin board or poster board to put our visuals on. I've been doing this type of stuff for years...I definitely have to locate the "nagging" source that is "holding me back"!! Though I am thankful that whatever it is/was is being diminished because life is flowing wonderfully, now;-)!

Rich in the Stl said...

Trust me. All I need is a piece of poster board. I put the link in not for you to purchase anything, but for you to get an idea of what a vision board is. I don't assume everyone knows what I mean.

As far as the other comment - maybe you are/were standing in the way. Sometimes we just can't see ourselves that openly.

Shai said...

Cap, I only pay that much to get my hair in braids. As you see in my blog pic, that is one of my braided styles. I pay about $150 for braiding and 30 for hair.

CapCity said...

I "know" now that I've been standing in my own way. I'm learning how to get out of God's way, so He can handle this! U know how u sometimes do that li'l dance with a person when you're not sure which direction they're going in & one of u needs to stop and just let the other go around? lol! that's me - learning to STOP & let The Creator work around me!

Shai, I didn't know if u HAD it like that - u can just drop $250 fo' hair-dos on the regular! One day, Sis, one day SOON:-).

Shai said...

Cap,LOL. You are silly. I get my hair braided about 4 times a year. I wear braids about 2 months at a time. SMH.

Shai said...

I have a Dream Board on my wall I see every morning. It is a collage I put together a couple of months ago. I can say I am attracting alot since I made it.

California Dove said...

Hi guys!
I'm so lost on this do i play?
I would take $500: stone massage, facial w/make up, mani-pedi, and a cute pair of red strappy sandals.