Day #4 prosperity game

It's Friday, so take the weekend to improve on your list. Next week the numbers start to climb, and you have to spend your money everyday.

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Shai said...

Summary of Today's Visit
Spending Get a spa treatment, a treat for me challenging myself. The works: body massage and scrub, facial, and mani/pedi. Treat myself to a very nice seafood place.
Buy a cute outfit with shoes to match for my dinner.
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 4/10
Your Comments I feel anxious because of what I am going through, I will really enjoy the gift to myself.

Mizrepresent said...

I purchased me a diamond circle pendant necklace and a pair of 1/4 studs. Cost $750.00
Desire Level 9/10
Resistance 9/10
Your Comments This is something i have always wanted...wanted someone to buy me, but couldn't for the life of me purchase for's what i want so i\'m happy.

Rich in the Stl said...

Spending Upgrade my music collection
Desire Level 8/10
Resistance 1/10
Your Comments I love music. I could probably buy a 100 CD's and still find more of what I want. So, I'm getting an IPOD and loading it up. I have an MP3 player, but it's a far stretch from an IPOD.

I used to buy a couple of CD's a week when I was single. That all changed when I got married and started piling on the kids. So it would be nice to do something for myself for a change.

CapCity said...

$750 toward my car note. Pay above & beyond minimum to reduce interest.
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 5/10
Your Comments: I love my car & the freedom it gives me to move about. However, I'm feeling financially frustrated in real life, in addition to feeling time crunches in several areas.