Wonderfully Cinematic

This writing thing has really gotten a hold of me. I can't think without a story, scene or other literary idea coming to me. When I watch movies these days I really notice the language that is used. It's something that occurs without effort. It's such a wonderful sensation.

This past weekend I watched two movies that contained some element of the craft, one more so than the other. The first was the movie "The Holiday". It is a romantic comedy and I love those. No, I'm not a guy whose into action flicks or science fiction. Love is what crowds my space primarily.

The second film was "Stranger than fiction". It is probably a bit wierd or slow for someone who doesn't like writing, but I found it to be entertaining, educating, and endearing. I'm sure of that response considering I watched it with my in-laws and during some scenes I was the only one laughing, but that is because I got it. All of you writer types might want to check it out. For those of you who like a good Romantic Comedy, check out "The Holiday".

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Sheletha said...

I had a blockbuster night and rented Stranger than Fiction. That was a great movie! I think that Wil Farrel is the craziest white guy out there now.

This movies wasn't "ha ha" funny, but still funny in many parts. I enjoyed it soo much!

KIKI said...

I agree. Saw Stranger than Fiction & thoroughly enjoyed it. I know most fiction is based at least in part on fact, but made me wonder just how much some fictional stories coincide with someones real life without the author or subject realizing it. Good movie.

Haven't seen The Holiday but puttin it on the "check it out" list.

Shai said...

Awww, Rich that is so sweet that you are a romantic. It is so refreshing to meet men who are not afraid to show they love romance.

Lo said...

The cool thing about "Stranger Than Fiction" is that it confirmed for me something that I, and many writers I have spoken with, find to be very true---our characters often take on lives of their own and try to thwart our original plans for them. No book has ever gone the way I intended. The characters always end up running the show.

I'm so happy and proud for you, Rich!! You know how I feel about people who embrace their passion for the word.

CapCity said...

just put 'em on reserve at my local library! i love this aspect of technology & the internet! thanx for the info., Rich:-).