Day 21 - Prosperity Game

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Mega Rich said...

Spending Invest with TMTT
Desire Level 8/10
Resistance 3/10
Your Comments I want to learn Teach Me to Trades techniques, but I\'m always skeptical of these types of businesses. My brother in law has the software so I know that\'s legit. I\'m just not sure if their classes are worth $5K a piece.

Shai said...

Spending Pay for counseling/personal coach sessions for a 4 month trial period.

Put the rest down on the final down payment for my new home.
Desire Level 6/10
Resistance 4/10
Your Comments I am not liking the fact I am considering therapy. I already am going through it with my path of self-discovery.\r\n\r\nI cannot wait to find a nice home just for me pest-free, quiet and all mine.

CapCity said...

Still here - slow, but sho:-).

$21K: invest toward $2million Harlem Dream home (up to $50K,now. Approx. $100K more = 20%)
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 1/10
Your Comments:
I know this may sound like a lot of money to put into a home in a city w/little to no yard, but I am looking forward to the Heavens pouring out the blessings to allow One MORE Black Family (me, spouse & child(ren)) to remain IN Harlem despite the gentrification. Also, I feel that the Universe will open up so that NO amount of Money will seem too much for my desires which are guided by The Creator.