Day 20 - Prosperity Game

I think there is a disconnect on some level regarding how to manifest the wealth that this game works to get you open to. So, next week I will work to add some posts that can possibly help to bring that into focus. In the meantime, lets finish strong. There are only 10 days to go. You never know what can happen in 10 days - the heavens just might open.

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Shai said...

Spending Put $5000 on the down payment of a home I am buying.

Put $5000 towards my publishing company.

Put $2500 towards my scholarship fund.

Put $2500 towards month long trip to Africa.

Put the remaining $5000 on multi-media equipment for my home theatre.
Desire Level 7/10
Resistance 3/10
Your Comments My desire is leveling out. I feel a lil anxious about the publishing company.

Mega Rich said...

Publishing Company -- hmmm

Keep that in mind in the coming weeks, that's something you should work on.

Mega Rich said...

Visit Date Tue 15 May 2007
Spending $3k to complete the balance of my down payment on the house. The remaining $17k for closing costs and other incidentals associated with the purchase. Total investment in getting into the house $57K.
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 1/10
Your Comments I really want this house. I also want to be over the mental hurdle. I actually feel better today than I did when I made the first transaction of $18k toward it.

CapCity said...

Still catching up! I BELIEVE, BigBro Rich that the Heavens will INDEED open UP & Pour out blessings!

$5K to Church to assist with debts, scholarship funds, etc.
$5K to Mother to assist in her home maintenance, bills, etc.
$5K to Father to assist in his home maintenance, bills, etc.
$5K to High School Alma mater for scholarship fund.
Desire Level 10/10
Resistance 1/10
Your Comments: I have most of what I want. As I invest toward my first property I want to also assist others.