Which Field are you in

Which field are you in?

White skies and white noise abound.

I hear the tireless chatter of other slaves

complaining about how massa don’t treat us right.

Work us long and hard

but instead of pay gives us a day off for being good niggas.

This massa even got white slaves, imagine that.

I think I’m gonna run away though.

Tried it before but it cost to have your

freedom papers, so I got to plan better this time.

This hear is my new massa.

I think he got something up his sleeve.

He smile more than my last one

Even let me roam the plantation how I please.

This massa is smart too

gives us slaves a nice hut up the

road from the plantation and a horse so we can get to and fro.

We comes back everyday like clockwork

to work in the field.

Other than the occasional grumbling most of us seem happy to do it.

He think he slick, this massa.

Got us feeling good to be his slaves.

But I don’t trust him

I want off this corporate plantation

I’m tried of working in this field.

It's high time for me to be free!

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Mizrepresent said...

lol, too funny and true! I hear ya!

Lance said...

nice work rich....
bringing the message home

JustMeWriting said...

yeah...nice piece.

Sheletha said...

diggin it....

corporate slave

Mega Rich said...

Yeah, it's time for a run. We are getting too comfy up in these spots.

c-mac said...

true true - thanks for the reminder

CapCity said...

I LOVE this peice, Bro Rich! I'm currently in the transition from my plantation & heading "north" to higher ground thanx to the $upport of some Freed Blacks on this new "underground" railroad - they gets me rations as I learn my way in this new land of Freedom! So far I'm loving it. I'm learning first hand the great responsibility that comes with Freedom.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL.....I thought about runnin' North myself. But dey dun told me I finna be the Big Mamma in the really, really big house....so I might stick around to see what gon happen'

Cali Dove

Dave said...

Uncle Sam's tricks are wearing thin.