Friday Feature

I have been blessed to have met some pretty wonderful people during this whole blogging process. On yesterday I received a gift that touched me in a very special way. Interestingly enough, it was offered kind of in passing but I'm sure it will have a lasting affect on my life. Having received the gift, I'm reminded of how God continues to love on me despite any shortcomings that I might have. I am so blessed that He has seen fit to place all of you who take the time to share a part of your lives through this forum into my life.

So my wish is for you all to have a RICH and fulfilling day.

*you might want to press pause on that ROOTS piece I'm dropping for you all right now. There is a message in there. I hope you got it. Keep rocking the mic.

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

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dc_speaks said...

wow..that was an awesome video...very powerful.

thanks for sharing it.

Dawnya said...

Thanks Rich. Be blessed!!

CapCity said...

despite the fact that i wanted to see more faces of color (cayn't hep it:-) this video made me cry...but then i'm in a fragile, grateful state right now...thanx Bro Rich - u r a blessing!

Anonymous said...

very nice