Gone and Testify

I don't want to make this a theme day, but today we are going to testify about the goodness of the Lord. I know y'all would love for the Pastor to give you the mic, so here goes. Pastor Mega Rich (no relation to Creflo Dollar) is ready to hear you speak. Tell us what you are thankful for.

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Mizrepresent said...


I am thankful that my children are healthy, doing well, and respectful.

I am thankful that my family, mom and all my siblings are still blessed to be here, and despite our circumstances, we are still bonded by love.

I am thankful for old friends and new friends, who believe in me, stand by me, encourage me, and enlighten me.

I am thankful for books, and writing, music and good food, dancing.

I am thankful to this wonderful new spectrum...the blog, for opening my eyes, for the new friendships that were born here, that i will forever carry and cherish...for life.

JustMeWriting said...


1.)I thank God for Jesus (like my momma used to say)

2.)I thank God for His Grace and Mercy that just follows my every step.

3.) I thank God for His Holy Word and His Holy Spirit.

4.) I thank God for my life, my history and my preparation for what's to come.

5.) I thank God for my wonderful, wonderful baby kings aka Tyrell and Elijah (my sons)

6.) I thank God for Family and TRUE Friends.

7.) I thank God for my home

8.) I thank God for my mind...for the wisdom He's giving me...I've come to appreciate the way I think...and I trust that it's Only been the Lord who's been working in my mind. I'm not what I want to be, but He's pulling me out of what I used to be...He's changing my name and calling me righteous.

9.) I thank God for music...Gospel music has sustained me...and raised me. It's been my friend all the days of my's ministered to me through the sweetness of its's one of my everythings.

10.) I'll stop, but I thank God for what's to come...come what may.

Mega Rich said...

First giving honor to God who’s the head of my life (never had the chance to say that in church while growing up.)

For real, I’m blessed to be here.

I’m blessed that God established a relationship with my daughter by bestowing on her more than $50K in scholarship dollars so she can attend college without going into debt.
He is truly a good God.

I’m thankful for having developed the courage to go forward as a writer and complete a writing project. I have toyed with the idea of writing since the late 90’s. Many thanks to all of those who believed in my ability and encouraged me to keep moving forward. Talk about a wilderness experience.

I’m thankful for forgiveness. What a blessed gift. I’m so glad that when I blow it, God gives me another chance.

Lastly, I’m thankful for my wife. No matter what the situation, whether we are at odds, up or down in our relationship, I know without a doubt she loves me and has my best interest at heart. I’m thankful for that.

CapCity said...

Oooohhhh! Loving this Pastor Mega Rich:-). Love & agree w/ much that was written by Sistahs Miz & JMW. I am thankful for: The Creator's blessings of awareness, acceptance, my sound mind, health, strength, the great relationships which sustain me, this new path of faith on which I walk. There's SOOOO much more than I am able to list here, but that's a taste!

Shai said...

I am thankful for being delivered out of a intense bout of depression two months ago.

I am thankful for getting my job back.

I am thankful my child has calmed her teen angst down.

I am TRULY thankful for a sound mind and peace in my home. I like things simple, no drama. To be content and peaceful is wonderful as I press on to even better things.

Sheletha said...

Ive got so much to be thankful for...Ill be back!