It's all in yo' head

Whatever it is you are working toward. The first thing you have to overcome is your own mind. That part of you that talks you out of your stuff.

The thing that says you aren't good enough, you don't have enough money to pull it off, nobody is going to like it, and all that other stuff we allow ourselves to entertain.
It's all garbage.

Tap into God and let HIM(her if you're a feminist) express heaven
through you.

That's what you are here for. To leave your mark on the world.

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

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Sojourner G said...

MR, thanks for comin' by the crib and leavin' some positivity! Not enough brothers out there doin' the thing good and right.

As for your post here, there's a lady out there making a billion dollars on your thought and calling it "The Secret"! Call your lawyer. LOL

Have a blessed day.

Shai said...

The song always gets me choked up since it first came out. Good post Mr. Rich.

Mega Rich said...

@sojourner - tell me about it, but never fear, I'll pick up where they left off. I have my own book on the subject coming out. I plan to fill in the gaps that they left out. -- Good DVD though, I never read the book on the subject.

@shai - glad that it touched you just right. That was Spirit inspired, because I haven't heard that song in years.

nikki said...

a message like the one in that video NEVER grows old. i too remember getting choked upon hearing that song when it first came out. it just speaks of so much hope. it really makes a person think that obstacles can be overcome, no matter WHAT it is. thank you for sharing both the words and the video with us.

Mega Rich said...

@nikki - anytime sister, anytime

Shai said...

Nikki, my fellow lionness, it is nice to know I was not the only one affected. When it came out I was a new single parent struggling to make it through school and without the man I thought I would marry.

It is Powerful. Never say die. Love that part.

nikki said...

shai - isn't it amazing how music has the ability to crystalize moments in our lives like that? i remember hearing that song and talking to my brother on the phone about it. both of us thought it was so positive and we were lamenting about the fact that there just wasn't enough music out there like that for black folk.

it's so important we hear these messages and i'm not just talking about inside a church cuz most of the folk who need that message most ain't in the church.

CapCity said...

I actually wore that particular SoB TAPE out until it literally POPPED! LOL! I have the CD, now And it's in my iTunes. Thanks, Rich! we can NEVAH here this too much.

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

Sounds of Blackness--I went through 4 copies of the tape when this one first dropped (I didn't touch CDs until 1998.). My collection on Itunes has this song and one of the a cappella numbers from the CD on it. Great vibe to open my day...

Thanks, Rich!

JustMeWriting said...

That ain't nothing but the truth Rich and this is one of my FAVORITE songs and video', it fills your spirt with such joy...thanks for posting it.

Stephen Bess said...

Great advice! Thanks for the push.

CapCity said...

Hey Rich, after the holiday wkend will the Prosperity Game continue? I'm back on track, now:-)

Dave said...

Thanks for the inspiration. So many of us think this, but are afraid to say it, for fear of seeming... I don't know, happy? Humble? Caring?

Keep up the good works. ^^

YAZMAR said...


I swear everytime I hear this record I feel so good.....very positive song

Great post