Back in the day, walking, and a challenge

Today I did something I haven't done in years, I went to the wash-o-mat (laundry, laundromat - whatever works). Anyway, I went because in a house of six the clothes can tend to back up and you end up washing exactly what is needed for the next few days. Anyway, I hate having lots of laundry laying around, so I packed up the truck, the kids, and went to the laudromat. Just me and the kids, well the 18 year old thinks she is grown, but she went too, the wife went to get her hair done. Anyway, it was quite the experience, at least for the kids. We were there for a good three hours, but had we done it at home it would have taken days.

It made me realize just how much kids miss out on because we make life so easy for them. I also decided that I'm going to take them for more walks. That decision came about because we were going to walk up the street to White Castle until the rain started coming down. They were hyped about walking. Well, when I first mentioned it they looked at me like, "we're going to walk, you are kidding right," but then they warmed up to the idea and got excited. So, I'm going to find opportunities to walk, like instead of driving the seven blocks to Blockbuster, they will get to walk for a change. They could definitely benefit from the excercise, and it's another form of bonding. So, this summer will be the summer for walking.

Which brings me to my next thought. I was reading the article CapCity wrote and was reminded of fitness goals. I had the thought that we could do a cyber "Biggest Loser" challenge. Of course, we'd have to take your word for it that you weigh what you say, but at least you would have some people to be accountable to. Would anyone be up for this?

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Shai said...

Dang, Rich, you were posting like crazy this weekend. LOL.

I don't have a prob walking. I just have to be in the mood. I walk two blocks to work once I get off the bus. I walk a block and a quarter to the bus in the morning.

Waiting and riding the bus takes alot of me sometimes so I come home and plop down and don't do much outside the house.

Last weekend, I took a nice long walk along the river downtown. I plan to do more.

The OE said...

This is pure resonation. A couple of months ago my dryer broke and I had to go to the laundrymat. I didn't know where one was, then I found out I'd been driving by one almost every day! Then I was in there and it was such a foriegn experience. I thought to myself, this is so strange, I haven't been in a laundrymat since I graduated from college. No tellin when that was though, it's Top Secret.

CapCity said...

I love this post, Rich! I was talking to my mom about some of my teaching experiences today and that fact that with all of today's technology and conveniences children continue to love life's basics....try reading to them and see their eyes lite up:-)!

I'd LOVE to join a cyber-health support group, so it seems my health-blog is paying off afterall;-)!

Mega Rich said...

@Shai - Yeah, I was trying to write enough to last for the week.

@capcity - I thought of you when I wrote this post. I said to myself, "self...xxxxx (your real name) is going to like this post" - So I did it with you in mind. :)

@the oe - what does "oe" stand for and thanks for coming by. I have ventrued by your site before, but the covert nature of it had me too much in the dark. I'll have to take another walk down your street and see what the experience is like now.

Mizrepresent said...

I'm down for the fitness task, right now me and my daughter have started to walk in the evenings, we do it for health, but we are so getting to know each other, after college, that can be some sort of experience. Nice post.

CapCity said...

What's going on with this Health-Challenge? Everyone still on vacation? ;-)