Friday Funny: CERTIFIED!!

This is funny. I wonder how I would rate.
No doubt I'd still be a 10!!

Happy Friday Folks

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

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CapCity said...

Seee? THa's my problem...all those 2 need to stay "in their" place when this 10 walks by. LOL! that was funny !

SweetDreams said...

I AM a certified ten.

nikki said...

this is HIlarious. i'm about a seven, but i pull elevens, so it's all good.

Lance said...

what's good rich?!!!!!!!

that's too funny. who and where did you get that from? who's the comedian and cartoon?

Anonymous said...


Mega Rich said...

@ lance - don't really know who it is, I got this in an email.

@nikki - scared of you pulling men off the chart.

Yazmar - where do you get those live videos for your avatar?

@sweetdreams - thanks for rolling through

@cap - whattup mississippi!

Anonymous said...

That is funny! We ought to do one about intelligence!

dcsavvystar said...

ome this was hilarious and where did you find it! thanks for sharing..
i am a 9-10 lol sometimes i act like a 15! hahaha. self confidence is a mutha..

who is from mississippi in here?stand up!

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

Punch a 2 in the face, eh? Bwoi, stop! LOL! Hilarious! I'm a 5-10 kinda dude. A nickel chick with a dime personality and a genius brain can get love the same as a dime with an Einstein brain. Just be smart enough to keep me from boredome...

What's been up, Rich?