I like trying my hand at different styles. This piece was inspired by the Brother Sojourner - be sure and check him out, I really dig his flow and what he's doing.
I can relate to this piece, because I've had my
share of this life's struggles.
Fortunately for me, I'm on the winning team.

turning point

i always wondered what HE saw in me
why I seemed to be getting by
knowing I was doing wrong

today is your turning point

i’ve always been smooth
i can mix it up with saint or sinner
i guess i have a universal flavor

today is your turning point

i got a thing for pretty pieces of chocolate
dark or light
nice brown eyes, pretty faces and a nice backside

today is your turning point

i ain't married
i love them, i'm just not in love anymore
whichever works
i'll repent on sunday

today is your turning point

nobody knows for real
just me and them
and our closests of friends
i mean, i had to tell somebody, right
but guess what
HE knows too

today is your turning point

i couldn’t take it the fact that HE knew
but HE wasn’t doing a thing about it
kept my money coming
kept my blessings flowing
even tossed me a few gifts I knew I didn’t deserve

today is your turning point

i deserve death
HE keeps presenting me life
i deserve to be hated
HE keeps showing forth his love
i asked HIM why he puts up with me
and HE said.... because

today is your turning point

Will today be your turning point? HE is waiting on you to choose HIS will over yours. What will it be? More of the same or a turn for the better?

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Mizrepresent said...

Ooh bruh, you been tapping into your creative/creator and it's all good...keep doing what you doing, it only gets better.

Sheletha said...

this was pretty diggin it