Inquiring Minds

This is for all of you bloggers out there with ads. Are you making anything from the ads or are these companies just loading up our sites with promises of the coin? I haven't received one penny for those Google ads. Maybe they aren't positioned properly, but I don't want this site to bombard visitors with ads. I see so many on sites these days, I was wondering if you all knew something I didn't. So, what's the real?

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CapCity said...

Rich, when u return from vacation & get a minute, check out: Paula Mooney's li$t of Blogger Salaries. I'm reading it trying to decipher how to get paid by this, too:-)

plez... said...

everytime i'm tempted to add ads to my blog, i think of how many times i've clicked on ads myself... the answer is always ZERO! if i don't do it, i can't see why anyone else would do it.

i started a website with links to buy CDs, and Billy Blanks Tae-Bo Workout Tapes about 10 years ago... in 10 years, i have gotten one check for $10!

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

What does your pic contain? Coins, right? Exactly. Adsense has paid me nothing noticeable. I'm checking Cap's list!