The Jetsons have arrived

Last night I went to a presentation allowing me the opportunity to create a home based business as a rep for this company called 5Linx. Of course I only went because one of my boys invited me over, but being the enterprising sort it got me to thinking. I wonder what other people think about this "opportunity." I wonder if they think it has promise. The only reason I care to ask is because it has a direct marketing structure. So check out this Jetson's Technology and tell me what you think. I'm just curious. If you'd rather not leave a comment and would like to email me, do so at

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

This business would cost you a minumum of $100 investment (use the service and introduce to others) or $499 plus about $300 (equipment and fees) if you want to go all out and really do this as a business. I don't even need to mention the compensation plan because you can make what you work for - hundreds a month or thousands.

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Mega Rich said...

Silence is Golden -- thanks for sparing me the expense and feeling secure about following my first mind. I went over my boyz house not to get involved and even after hearing the sales pitch my interest was picqued but I still felt wary about it, but this confirms it. I saw the traffic on the blog, but nobody commented, so that helps. Peace.

Andrew The Asshole said...

Hey whats up dude. I totally like the technology. I'm actually working with an interent company that can do the same thing for cheaper over the internet with a webcam. The picture is high quality. It also has the capability to do video emails.

I plan to use the technology in building a global company. It would allow every one in the supply chain the availability to connect with each other the same way they would in person. Business trips are expensive. It also has the capibility for me to do webcast to train people or give sales presentations.

Any business takes an investment of time and money. I like the direct marketing structure because you get paid for what you do... no dead weight. Only lazy people with a job mentality don't like this structure.

I'll email you the contact info for the guy I know.

CapCity said...

i was wondering how this is any different than what is possible with video chats - i guess the sound....i dunno...i don't want to have to purchase any MORE equipment than i already have...if i can use my laptop then cool...

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

I agree. With the investment for a decent webcam averaging $19-$40, it would be hard to convince most people to run with it. Many businesses on the West Coast are using videoconferencing for meetings, and existing technology is working well enough for a cheap enough price to make it a staple--for now. Who knows? I say follow your instincts--God gave them for a reason.