Monday Memories Take 2

Not too long ago, I did a post called Soundtrack Of My Life. In that particular feature I outlined all the wonderful music that I have enjoyed over the years. However, I failed to mention my intense love for Jazz. Being from the rather large town (some call it a city) of Jacksonville, FL where R&B and Rap ruled the airwaves I didn't get turned onto jazz until I made the acquaintance of some older brothers at the University of Florida during my undergraduate years. Prior to meeting those guys (Mike Kemp, Trey Davis, and Sid Smith) I looked at jazz as being elevator music. That theory soon got kicked out the door when I heard the Tutu album by Miles Davis.

Let me tell you, that album knocked me off my feet. By jazz head standards it was probably one of his more contemporary jazz offerings but it was still quintessential Miles, if you ask me. The album never fails to take me on a journey. The musical offerings were so good I not only wore out the original cassette that I purchased, but I have since worn out the CD as well. It's a good thing MP3's are around because having that as part of a digital library means that I will forever be able to enjoy the experience.

But Miles Davis was just the beginning. From there I consumed jazz artists like a man who had been castaway and finally allowed to feast for the first time in years. I will say that my taste is geared more toward contemporary artists, but I have sampled the greats as well. Some of it is cool, but some of it is just too deep for me at times. Like the Marsalis family. I still have yet to find any album put out by either son (Branford or Winston) or their father Ellis) that moves me. I respect them for being pioneers in the game, but I still have a hard time rolling with them.

Since my first introduction to the musical genre I have come to love quite a few artists. I have listed some of them below that you may want to check out, if you haven't already. Also feel free to recommend some artists to me. You can never have too much good music.

Some of the artists I've come to love over the years include, but are not limited to.

Miles Davis, Earl Klugh, David Sanborn, Kim Waters, Grover Washington Jr., Everett Harp, Najee, Kenny G (Duotones era), Larry Carleton, Stanley Clark, Ronnie Jordon, Diane Reeves, Bobby McFerrin, Bob James, Hiroshima, Fattburger, Pieces of a Dream, Thelonius Monk, Wes Montgomery, George Howard, Gerald Albright, Pat Metheny, Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, Kenny Baron, John Coltrane, Michael Franks, The Crusaders, Joe Sample, Four Play, Stanley Jordon, Hugh Masekala, Ramsey Lewis, Urban Knights, Marcus Miller, J. Spencer, The Rippingtons, Spyro Gyro, Al Jarreau, Diane Schuur, Candy Dulfer, Down to the Bone, George Benson, N'Dea Davenport, Russ Freeman, Walter Beasley, Maysa, just to name a few.

I'm sure I forgot some, as a matter of fact I know I have, because I just can't think of them all. I also love Acid Jazz and many of those artists I haven't managed to keep up with.

For your listening enjoyment I selected two items. One is from the man who started it all for me, Mr. Miles Davis. The title track off the Tutu album. Timeless Music y'all.

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

You Tube wouldn't allow me to embed this track, but you have to check out Pat Metheny, the instrument he plays on this selection is amazing. It's some sort of guitar, but it makes an absolutely wonderful sound. Pat Metheny

Everyone have an absolutely fantastic beginning to the week.


denea marcel said...

good morning! yeeeeea, jazz!

Mizrepresent said...

Have a great week Rich!

Ticia said...

Thanks for the wonderful music this Monday!!!

I didn't make it to STL--- oh well!!

Anonymous said...

I love Jazz as well and am very familiar with the artists you names but what about Hiroshima, Alex Bugnon, NORMAN BROWN, Boney James.....Kirk Whalum......I can go on and on

Mega Rich said...

Hiroshima is in there and all of the others you named should be. Like I said, I couldn't remember them all.

Shai said...

Remember Miles started a project which combined rap and jazz? I loved that song Doo-bop.

Lately I have been digging a local jazz artist, Brian O'Neal. He and Kem are best friends who went to school together. I saw them and Brian's CD release party.

Check him out at:

CapCity said...

Love me some Coltrane! Ohhh and he was FOINE!!!