Richly Spoken

Listen and Learn. Happy Friday Y'all.

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CapCity said...

hmmmm - yestahday she was 'ho-ing' & today it's basic economics...which side of the fence u gon' be on, Bruh Rich? or is this helping u to decide;-)??

Hugz! I'll move over so u can join me on my corner as we hustle these legal wares...

u know before there was crack there were words being hustled and before words there was ...uh...;-)

Man With Balls said...

....coochie (picking up where CapCity left off)

Ticia said...

LOL-- at man with balls!

Mega Rich said...

@MWB – I see you still crazy

@CAP - Just because she’s on that retail grind

Trying to get into these pockets of mine

Doesn’t mean she’s doing the thang

In order to make serious paper, she got to stop using sex and tap into that brain.

What's up Ticia, you are due for your trip to the STL soon. I wish I could tell you where to go, but I don't get out much. Always on the business and family grind.

CapCity said...

Gon' Bro Rich w/ yr rhymes! I see ya! lol!

CapCity said...

calling all brothers to my blogspot!

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

The video: "Science...straight science..." as one of my good friends on the East would say.

The lyric response to Cap: Go 'head, Rich!