I'm Coming

I was talking to a couple of friends about how people should but won't help you live out your dreams. What is all this "I had to work hard for it, so you will too" stuff. I'm all for helping whomever I can. Most of my friends are the same, but I do have an acquaintance or two who won't help anyone if it means you will be higher on the totem pole than them. There is enough blessings to go around. What's up with all the dream blocking?

Talking about it all inspired this little diddy. Feel free to comment or not.

I know you see me coming in the rear view mirror
But what can you do about that?

I'm not worried about you being on the road
So why worry about me
I’m too busy driving
Not really trying to take anyone’s spot
So how about you stop boxing me out in traffic

My car
New car
Newer engine
You are a classic
Proven over time
It’s not a competition

I’m coming
Nothing you can do to stop me
I'm getting in
Even if I have to take to the shoulder
You are just shorting your blessings
Do yourself a favor and let me into traffic
I got my invitation to the party
Just like you.


Don said...

I agree, no one owns the road.

MysTery said...


Salesdiva said...

I'm with ya.

Femigog said...

Mega, Mega, Mega!

CapCity said...

ignorance is what i call it...the ignorance of others can not hinder nor help my progress. I'm going to be when & where The Creator puts me "there". I have learned to thank those who "intended" to hinder me. As Muhammad Ali said in When We were Kings: "If I was going into that ring alone as a mere man I'd lose the fight and be afraid. But, I know that God's in that ring with me and God can't be stopped." (of course, it's paraphrased based on my memory;-)