Who u wit?

It's October and in a minute we will have to decide who is going to represent us in the next Presidential election. So, I was wondering, who are you with? Are you making informed decisions or are you becoming a puppet to the political machine? The media has already chosen who they think you should select, but will you make up your own mind? What's important to you, for real? Don't fall for their endless talk about education (we've been paying for that since the 70's and the schools are no better). Will health care be the deciding vote for you or will you get caught up in religious tale spin and choose based on moral issues. In the end, it comes down to you and God, so laws or no laws, you will have to face him. My point is, cut through the rhetoric and vote for something that matters. Not for the garbage we get fed but the issues that truly add to the quality of life for all concerned.

See who's getting pushed to the top. (Have any of you been contacted for any of these polls?)

Rasmussen Reports conducts national telephone surveys on the Presidential race every night and releases updated data from our Presidential Tracking Poll by noon each day, Monday through Friday.

For the seven days ending September 30, 2007, Hillary Clinton earns 42% of the vote. Barack Obama is second at 22% followed by John Edwards at 14%. Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich each attract support from 3% while Joe Biden is at 2%. Chris Dodd is supported by 1% Mike Gravel less than half a percent. Thirteen percent (13%) of Likely Democratic Primary Voters are undecided (review history of weekly results).

For the seven days ending September 30, 2007 show that Fred Thompson earns 25% of the vote while Rudy Giuliani attracts 23%. Mitt Romney has moved back into third place, supported by 13%. John McCain is now the favorite for just 10% and Mike Huckabee is at 6%. Four other candidates split 4% of the vote while 19% are undecided.

The seven day results typically include interviews with more than 1,000 (each party) likely Democratic/Republican Primary Voters. This includes both Democrats/Republican and those independents likely to vote in a Democratic/Republican Primary. In some state primaries, independent voters are allowed to participate in party primaries while in others they are excluded. The margin of sampling error for the weekly update is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.


Girly_Girl said...

I don't really feel like being serious right now, so I'll tell you that I think that Thompson guy has the hottest wife.


CapCity said...

i just get frustrated by the fact that even if we do make informed decisions it boils down to a popularity contest just like high school (who spent the most money/was the most crooked)...*sigh*... But, i go through the motions any way, because too many of my ancestors were brutalized, bullied & died for this right!

Shelia said...

I've been thinking about who I will vote for. I discussed this last week with a few folks. Your vote should not automatically go to the person that's in your political party, who is your same race or same sex but to the best person for that particular office. Weigh the pros and cons of all of the candidates and choose your vote that way. With the internet, information is at the tip of our fingertips. Find out how they've voted or what they've said in the past (although people can change...most folks real views are showcased long before they run for office).

Mega Rich said...

@Saadia -- Too funny. You made me LOL.

@Cap -- I feel you on that. I go through the same range of emotions sometimes.

@shelia - I agree. They play their hand long before they run for office.

Mizrepresent said...

Man, i have to agree with Girly right now...kind of waiting it out...i hear the rhetoric, but right now, it's all i will definitely weigh my options down the line.

Femigog said...

I am still tallying the pros and cons of the candidates and honestly I am not sure where I will plant myself right now....good food for thought though

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

this libertarion will write himself in so Torrance Stephens (always wanted to be a monarch)

LadyShay said...

I feel you Cap.

I'm a Republicrat:)

I say that we rally and hold a sit in with no votes until they stand there and tell us the damn truth. I'm sick of all the lies and bullshit. needs to expand to more issue. The people in the US need to take a united stand, but I doubt it will ever happen in my lifetime.