It's only the beginning

"And I wonder... if you know... what it means...to find your dreams"

What a year it has been. Trust me; you don't even know the half.
It's been a long haul, but sometimes life is like that.
God is still good and he is still in the blessing business.

So, now that I've gone through the valley,
it's time to shout from the mountains,
because today I'm celebrating the release of our
new book project.

Join with me in congratulating

Saadia Ali Aschemann (Girly Girl)
Diane Dorce' (Mizrepresent)
R. Fitzgerald (Mega Rich) - ME!
April C. Hayes (Literary Felonies)
D.R. Johnson (Dave @ Wandering Ether)
Cordenia Paige (CAPcity)
Torrance Stephens (All-Mi-T @ Raw Dawg Buffalo)

Cedric Harris - Editor (Ced it Meant it)
Denea Marcel - Cover Artist (Denea)

B-Side Artist:

Mr. Ash (BygPowis)
Mr. Jones (iamrj)
Ms. McCrary (Xcentric Pryncess)
Ms. Tery (MysTery)
Mr. Smith (Don)

This project has been in the works since early this year
and is finally coming to fruition. To check out excerpts of four of
the six stories or to purchase an advanced copy


Girly_Girl said...


Shai said...

Congrats everyone. I cannot wait to read the book. Maybe I will get a chance to be in Volume 2.

Anali said...

Congratulations on the book!

Mega Rich said...

Thanks everyone.

@shai - That would be a treat. I'll throw a good word in for you.

Ticia said...


Dave J. said...

The day is finally here!

Mega Rich said...

Yes SIR!!!!!!

Femigog said...

congratulations to everyone! This is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, God's blessings and much success to you and the team for making this milestone. Sell a million copies my brother!

Mega Rich said...

@femigog -- maybe will see you and the pixie in a future volume.

@sojourner -- thanks. It's been quite the journey, definitely looking for the promise. If we sell 1% (10,000 copies) I will be estatic. Help us get one step closer and pick up a copy.

I appreciate all the well wishes.

Mizrepresent said...

It is a blessing for sure! A long journey...but here we are! Thanks to all of you!

CapCity said...

i'm thankful that i was invited along this wonderfully thrilling ride;-).

shelia said...

Congrats on the book...this is cause for a celebration!

LadyShay said...

I wanted to say Congrats to everyone, I'm doing the cabbage patch for all ya'll:)

Don said...


Good man, Rich.

Femigog said...

I sure do hope so Mega!