Sensationally Saadia

Saadia has come and gone, and I had a lovely time. It was a pleasure to meet her after all these online encounters. Visiting with her was like hanging with an old friend as we chatted the evening away. Her husband, Dave, was cool as well. You can tell he loves his "Girly Girl" as he maintained a watchful yet loving eye. But I couldn't blame him -- All these elderly Doctor associates of his were ogling her at every turn. One even came in close and sniffed her while exclaiming, "You smell good!" But Saadia took it in stride. I imagine that she's used to being the girl that makes the men all pause.

Hopefully, she will share the video of her visit. In the meantime, here are some pictures.

Signing for the fans (the reading was fabulous)

Playing with Davis
(who BTW yanked open her top and flashed those present - woo hoo!)

Sell them books Girl! I'm telling you, Saadia is on her way to some amazing success.

If you haven't picked up her book lavish lines, luscious lies
I would whole heartedly recommend it.
(There is a buy link to the right of this post)
She knows how to use her gifts and it will be money well spent.

I'm happy to have her in my circle of friends and can't wait to see her again.


Dave J. said...

Wish I could have been in attendance. Everything seems so far away sometimes. ^^

Anonymous said...

Dang it man. I feel like Thomas in the book of Luke. Oh well, I guess you miss when you miss. I would love to have gone and met Miss Saadia.

Thanks for sharing pics of the event. said...

Cool. I love readings and signings - especially when the author is personable.

Seems like you had a good time.

Girly_Girl said...

Awww...Rich!!! I really enjoyed meeting you, too. I'm happy you had a good time. Thanks for posting these pictures--I totally jacked them!!! (Oh, and BTW--thanks for telling everyone that Davis pulled open my jacket.) :)

You're the best!

Don said...


In life, there are some things money simply cannot buy. One of them is the feeling of belief which these pictures give.

A devoted husband, his divine wife, and their devoted friend. This is exactly what I speak of when I speak of conglomerate merger.

In life, one can immediately tell when a divine intervention is taking place. Don't believe me? Look at the three smiles in the very first picture.

I have the book, Saadia. It usually takes me a minute to fully digest what I read, but that doesn't mean I fail to recognize the massive amount of talent you possess.

Props to Rich.

Shelia said...

Wonderful pictures! Sounds like a memorable occasion. Great style!

Girly_Girl said...

Thanks everyone!!! Don--I don't know how you manage to always say the sweetest things...

Shelia said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Sheletha said...

AWWWWW this is great...I saw these pics on Saadia's myspace, I totally thought they were hers....this is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Mizrepresent said...

Any time in Saadia's presence is a wonderful time! You all look wonderful, glad the signing went well.

CapCity said...

So, When's the next NY signing, GirlyGirl? These are great flix - thanx for sharing, Rich. Makes me feel as if I participated...a bit:-).