Find Your Center

Every now and again it becomes necessary to get yourself back on track. I have been reminded of that these past few days while traveling to the funeral of a beloved family member. During the mourning process, we often reflect on our own lives and measure where we are at that moment. Sometimes you find that you aren't exactly where you need to be. You may be too far to the left or it's possible you favor the right. Either way you eventually come to the place of needing to find your center again. On occasion, you may feel like you are in a time of searching but just can't find your way back. That might be just the perfect time for you to leave what is familiar and get yourself into a quiet place.

For me, traveling back home to Florida was exactly what I needed. Meditating while driving, visiting with relatives, praying with family, and laughing with old friends helped me to find my center again. Getting away from the familiar grind of life gave me the moments of clarity that I needed to remove the haze from my life. Could this be what you need? Getting away can be so refreshing. Not only are the cares of life removed from your presence, but in the quiet places of the day you are able to hear God speak. Sometimes that is difficult when the kids are calling, bills need paying, or you are simply thinking about how you are going to approach that project at work. Getting away and releasing those things that attach themselves to you will allow you to clearly see where you are.

Finding your center may only require a few simple maneuvers -- a move you may not be able to see in your present state of obligations. So I would like to encourage any of you who, for whatever reason, feel like you could benefit from some moments of peace, to just get away for a minute. Rent a room for a day, a weekend or a week, and just go and be by yourself. If you can afford to leave the city you live in, do so. Sometimes driving thirty minutes away is all the perspective you need to find your center again.

Each of us have some amazing things to do, but sometimes we can't find our way because live is beating us down. Take some time to center yourself and as you do that road that was once invisible will start coming back into view. I am a witness to this truth, because I see it so clearly now.


jali said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm glad you found the positive in a sad homecoming and that you shared your approach.

Ticia said...


Sorry :(

I actually found my center this weekend...

I got renewed, refreshed, refined...

I wrote abt it on my blog-- I experienced victory!

CapCity said...

U didn't want to hear me when I toldja we all need to take a few moments each day to find quiet & talk to Our Savior. At the very least, the bathroom is a great sanctuary (at home or work;-). If a loss forced U to listen - then it was not in vain.

And Rich, u CAN teach children to sit quietly, too. It may take some time if this is new for them - but it can be done;-). Lemme know if u need tips on it.

Love that u found the positive in this!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

hey folk, keep your head up and be strong for the rest ....u in my prayers....and hurry back to the ATL

Shelia said...

When my grandfather died last month, I thought about a lot of things and re-evaluated many areas of my life. Since then I've made some major decisions...decisions I had been putting off. Although we plan for the future, we have to remember to live in "the now" and don't put stuff off that can be done "now." That's one lesson that always hits me upside the head when I lose someone close to me.

nikki said...

first off, sorry to hear about your loss. it's been almost a year since my granny died and i still find myself in vulnerable moments where the only thing i can do is cry. it's a tough place to be in, but it helps me to recover.

and you're right...quiet is so very necessary. i use my time driving to work to find that quiet place. it gives me a moment to reflect on what's going on in my life and where i'm headed. i find i get the most clarity about my life in moments like that.

Mizrepresent said...

Glad you made it home safely. This is a very special post, and one i don't take speaks of where you are...and i am happy for you.

MysTery said...

Great post man! Sounds like you are doing alright.

I have been saying that I need to visit a spa for a minute now!

Thanks for the push!

God bless you and your family.