FreeStyle Friday

No raps and beats this time. Just a little flow. I'm up to my limit at the workshop, so I figured I'd drop this here since I seem to be in a poetry groove as of late.

Of course it’s good
Trim was made to be that way
But I’m not that guy
The one easily tricked
Impressed by sways

Why you got to walk that way
Smell that good
Talk about me like I’m the best thing since sliced bread
Don’t even mention head
To my beat
Girl, don’t even make promises
You can’t keep
I ain’t never had none to make

Why don’t you tell me about your dreams
What we can be
Come together
How we’d watch each others back thru trying
I ain’t just trying to get mine
I want you
To show me the side of you no man has seen
Between your thighs

Time is running out
Of time to stop
Focusing on feeling good
For what
The time it takes to nut
We could have learned more
About the real you
The real me
How we could better
Realize that going deeper
Never occurs between
These sheets

It’s good huh
I bet it is
I might even take you up on your offer
Me the world
I’m looking for a woman and not a girl
And I got one question
Something I’m dying to know
Tell me again
Why’d your last man
Let it go?


CapCity said...

u always tryin' to start shyt on Friday! ain't nobody stuttin' u, Rich!

Lance said...

nicely done rich-dawg...especially the last few lines, which prompted a conversation last night at work with the fellas....

"what's up with the celebrity sisters who are single and ain't got no man?"

....or so they like us to think...

are they just beautiful chicken heads? "buck-buck-buuucuck!"

(y'all kno' who i'm talkin' about) yo' homework ladies..the fellas already kno'.

how is it that they got it all but yet no man to take out the trash?

damn shame... ;-(

Mizrepresent said...

Now see i was supposed to be on my way to work, and yall know i can't blog at work or see anything, and this, this stopped me dead in my tracks, all i gotta say is...

Say Boo, i hear you
what you say may be true
but let me offer you a different situation
1+1 is not the only equation
Tis true my stuff walks and talks of delicacy
not just my word
but what the brothers tell me
No man you say, why did he walk away
I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T baby
If you ain't on, get on
If you ain't on, get on
It taks a real man to STAY!

Have a great day yall, got to go.

Lance said...

damn miz... like she just won a fencing battle...UNGAR!!!! stabbed in the chest...

betta than a foot in the chest!


Mega Rich said...

@cap -- I ain't heard "stuttin you" in a long time. I'm serious, you grew up down south, they just told you that you were from D.C.

@lance -- man you crazy -- that buck, buck had me rolling.

@miz -- I shoulda known you was gone jump bad. Like Lance said -- "On Guard!"

Tony Stringfield said...

Smashin dude, I wonder why he left too?

KIKI said...

Damn...just reinforcing my Grown & Sexy vibe...I like it! I was gonna contribute but my creative juices aren't flowing like they usually do!

But Miz repped the ladies quite well...Kudos!!!

LMAO@Cap...u always tryin' to start shyt on Friday! ain't nobody stuttin' u...hehehe...I was thinking the same he go...startin sumptin!

Shai said...

Gone head Rich. Let the flow get ya t and the hit the page.

Sharon said...

I'm truly diggin' on this "before and after" wordplay I see flowing here in your piece as well as in some of the spit I've seen on Blogger's Delight.

I'ma havta experiment with this vibe in somma my own stuff...

Suite B said...

"Don’t even mention head
To my beat"

You are doing too much, and not using a lot of words to say it!

Don said...

Good stuff.