Anybody home?

I wonder if you’re paying attention. Can’t you see it? All of this wealth is sitting right before you. I’m not speaking in terms of money, but in desires. Everything you desire is here, but I wonder if you can see it. What HE has in store for you is so much bigger than the daily ritual of blogging. As I see more and more people pull off the layers and get away from entertaining, I get a glimpse of the future. It’s looking mighty bright, I just wonder if you know it. Keep the faith, because it’s coming.

Changing the Game: Coming Soon

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Eb the Celeb said...

I know it... sometimes we need people to say it and remind us... so thank you for that...but I know this is only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I see it, sir. That's why I am still in this game. Got to or I'd be calling God a liar.

MysTery said...

Thanks sir!! I see it! Thank God!!

Sheletha said...

'Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.

Rev. 3:20

Anonymous said...

I'm a heathen, but I appreciate the message.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,
Thanks for your concern - sincerely.
I've been to a very wide variety of places of worship and I'm always disappointed to hear the same message: follow US and you'll be saved - as though a power created billions and billions of people to save just a handful. I'm talking Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist - many denominations - all the same.

When I learn about babies with brain cancer or tribal/racial slaughter as in Rwanda, children born with debilitating defects and a life sentence of pain, crack babies, slavery for 400 years - there is so much suffering, I find it difficult to praise a god who could, as I've been told, change it all in a millisecond, but doesn't, I'm not able to shout praises. If there is a god with the power to alleviate the pain of a newborn but turns his back - he/she's not deserving of my worship. I've been to funerals for babies and it's been said that god wanted the baby with him - why did the baby have to suffer? What kind of loving father would allow an innocent baby to suffer?

I'm a heathen.

Rich said...

@Jali -- it sounds to me that you are just a bit confused about the role "sin" plays in the whole scheme of things - at least from the Christian perspective, which I follow. Life is also not all you see with the eye, we are spirit beings who live in bodies and all does not cease when we "die" to this flesh, but that's another conversation altogether.

I know religion can indoctrinate it's followers, but I'd like to think I have the ability to think freely enough to decide what makes sense based on what I read and not what is spoon fed to me. You will never get a sense of who God is if you only go by third hand information. He desires to bring you to himself. Again, to be a heathen is a choice.
It's interesting that you are quick to say you are a heathen, yet you detest the evil around you. God is knocking at your door, you need only let him in.

Muze said...

i know it wasn't for me...but this really just inspired me. like, seriously.

thank you for that rich. hope all is well.