Get Your Back Up off The Wall

When your back is up against the wall, push yourself forward.

I tend to study people and I notice that a lot of times we withdraw or pull back when the going gets tough. I’ve been guilty of it a time or three, but as I get older and wiser I’m beginning to realize that if you take advantage of the pressure that’s coming against you in your life, you just may find a way to propel yourself forward.

I think that the problem is that we’ve gotten too soft. We have too much nice stuff, too many creature comforts. We don’t know how to work through issues. We’ve forgotten how to be creative. We don’t improvise enough. We don’t think. We just retreat and try to hold onto as much comfort as possible. Is that how you want to continuing living your life? Just enough for the city. If you evaluate history and those who have excelled, you will find that in times of great pressure they focus and try to see things unlike they've seen them before. They realize that greatness won’t come as the result of an easy life; it will come as the result of a smartly fought one.

For example, most people are cutting back like crazy with the rising cost of fuel. That's good to a point, but what are you doing to reposition yourself for the better. What if gas doesn't go down any time soon. What will you do then? Are you investing in anything? Are you finding ways to create income? Are you tapping into your gifts?

You have to see beyond the problem and find your solution. The solution that propels you forward, not one that helps you deal with the pain. In other words, find a way to get rid of the headache, don't just settle for aspirin.

If you look with right eyes and listen with right ears, you will realize your breakthrough is at hand. The question is do you have the faith to see your way through it?

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Mizrepresent said...

Whew! You talking to me Rich? lol! Just kidding, but you are so right... have been constantly hearing this message in my head and in my heart...though experiencing the storms of life to not look at it like a bad thing...they are here to help me grow, a new me, more improved me will such thing as all sunshine...and no rain...all sunshine makes a dessert, and nothing grows in the dessert. Sunshine and rain are just part of life, meant to make us stronger, God is fashioning me to be better, ...just you wait and see.

The answer is YES!

i.can't.complain. said...

that's so real.

we really have gotten soft.

blame mtv ;)

but ure right.

people swear they're gonna quit driving cuz gas is high.

not me... i still have rent to pay.

1st time here, by the way


Anonymous said...

This post is so relatable. I know I am one who watches the miles on my car, refusing to go certain places, or at least hesitating, because I don't want to tack on miles. Why? I feel like that holds me back in a lot of ways. It's just a car. I can't let miles block my blessings.

I do have the faith to see my way through it. What I am going through right now is positioning me for something great. All that I have gone through, and what is yet to come, is positioning me for eternal greatness.

CapCity said...

i HONESTLY believe that TeleVISION has caused the demise of Black folk - in particular...if u really trace our progress...the more TV was available the less we created, got together to share ideas or even consider each others' input....
I know TV's not going anywhere - but I think it's especially critical for parents to consider the impact of tv...

CapCity said...

Oh - in answer to your questions:
Are you investing in anything? Are you finding ways to create income? Are you tapping into your gifts?

YES! Investing in ME! Reading, writing & researching MORE! Fa Sho'!

Great post, btw;-)

Shai said...

Rich, good post.

During my most trying time in my life, I learned the best thing to do is be still. It is about discernment. I reacted by trying a ton of things based on what I thought I was supposed to do. I heard all kinds of advice. I read part of Job's story in the Bible and realized I had to follow instinct.

So I stopped doing, started praying and asked. Whew! It came QUICK! It taught me discernment as in when to act and when to be still and pause before I react in not such a good way.

I also learned sometimes the thing we avoid we have to go "through" to get the breakthrough. Be still doesn't mean backing away from the problem. It means evaluating and being patient. Speed should not always be a motivator for problem solving or even let panic rule.

This post hit many of memories and I cannot really describe how I agree with it and the other lessons I have learned about problem solving.

Yes, I am invested in many things, learning, saving and sharing. I survived my LONG vacation because I invested monetarily.

Lovebabz said...

I must say this is a thrilling time for me. There is so much possibility of things ahead that all the drama, pain, betrayals, public scandal, loss of things. That I can almost say that it was worth it to stand in my own grace, in my life, making my own choices. There is no fear. I have risen above hardship. I no nothing of being soft (except in the tender moments), and I do know something about being loving. And being in God's care.

It is the inner work that we do that will change our lives. Change your mind...change your life.

Rich said...

@miz - you know we are on one of those journeys together, so were eye to eye.

@ -1- welcome to The Rich House, do come again.

@Cap - who has time for TV? I sure don't. I haven't even watched any of the playoffs.

@shai - well said. I feel a touching moment coming. The siblings are agreeing.

@lovebabz - I'm sure after all you've endured you are on top of the world. The sky is truly the limit.

Shai said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't get all mushy now. I think you are one of those big brothas who pick wit folks. LOL>

Rich said...

Most definitely shai, most definitely. I like to start stuff, just for the sheer joy of interaction.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Great post!

shelia said...

Good post. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. I forget who said it originally but your post is just reinforcing that we shouldn't retreat, we should push back. If plan A doesn't work, modify plan A or go to plan B.

sista gp said...

The Lord will not give us more than what we can bear. Acknowledgement of HIM provides the means to accomplish success in whatever we seek to achieve.

Rich said...

@diva's thoughts, sheila, and sista gp -- thanks for the words, thanks for the love.

Don said...

good post, great question posed. i am definitely guilty of this.

honestly i don't even know why i am like this @ times where i know better but fail to do better.

i always say the majority of human beings are ignorant to a certain extent - sadly, these are the times where i feel like i am.

MysTery said...

Great post!! Thanks!