Let Him Speak

The ladies had their say, now it's time to hear from the men. I will add that because of the power of the "P", some of the guys didn't want to go on record. So my advice to women is simple -- Stop punking your dude, punishing him for keeping it real. You should also stop trying to turn us into women. We aren't going to be as sensitive as you are, we are men, we weren't created to be soft - we are the protectors, providers and lovers of you, so accept that about us. You are the nurturers and help meets. Some of you are more, but we'll cover that in the video. This isn't a bash session, it is a heartfelt plea for you to hear what we have to say.

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Sheletha said...


I can understand why ole boy at the barber shop doesn't get a word in edgewise with his woman cause he talk soo much shyt!!!!

Sheletha said...


Why is it that women are talking out the side of their neck while we gotta let a man speak????

ain't that a bytch??

Shai said...

Yeah I peeped that too about the neck title Sheletha.
I cannot see the video at work or home. Dang!

CapCity said...

Both of these "posts" were clearly from a man's angle as the titles indicate.

But, er, um...Coupla thangs: Did u interview a GAY man? Will U interview couples who've been together for awhile to get their input on how they make it last? And wha's that last brother's name & number -- he was a CUTIE (along w/being the most ARTICULATE - yea, i said it)!! ;-)

Rich said...

As far as the title's, the day I created the woman's title Cameo's "Talkin' Out the Side of Your Neck" was playing in my head, so I thought it was cute. I didn't have anything clever for the men, so I just went with the theme of the video.

On both video's however, I NEVER instructed anyone on what to say. I just posed the question.

Yes, I interview a gay man.

Sheletha said...


just to let you know I got next on the dreaded lushious lipped man at the end of the video.

i already called it, boo.

Don said...

You should also stop trying to turn us into women. We aren't going to be as sensitive as you are, we are men, we weren't created to be soft - we are the protectors, providers and lovers of you, so accept that about us.

*standing ovation*

that KILLS me. it really bothers me whenever i see a woman trying to change a man, even her own son, into becoming something totally against the male nature. i don't see why it doesn't the woman.

have to check the video out later.

CapCity said...

Uh, Sheletha - u my girl - but, er, ummm - as BROTHERS say: U move u loose, barbershop rules... ;-)

Rich - i still think the titles were chosen subliminally ...even the way u introduce the two segments is completely different. U still didn't answer my other question: will u be interviewing couples?

Oh, one other thing: How can a Gay Man offer advice/words of wisdom to sistahs seeking straight men? I'm just curious...

CapCity said...

Whoops! My i read over that last statement i made I realized that's what I WANT out of your interviews. not your purpose.

(like they say in the military): As U were!


Rich said...

A gay man can offer women advice because they dislike being in a relationship with women sooo much, they chose a dude.

Yeah, I may get around to doing couples for various topics. Thanks for the idea.

Rich said...

@cap - as for the intro variance -- I was rushing to finish. I was torn between adding more guys and putting it up. I'll make sure I slow my roll the next time. -- Thanks editor.

@don - Right. They figure the men in their life aren't sensitive enough so then they start working on their sons.

Muze said...

i love this rich!!

whew...and that last guy at the end....scrumptious. i peeped the wedding ring though.


wow @ that gay man.

when i posed this question to bf, he said 'just shutup sometimes!' LOL.

Muze said...

are you going to do more videos?

i think i may do a woman's perspective on some subject. that'd be fun.

hope all is fabulous today.

Lovebabz said...

Hhmmm. Very interesting. I liked this. I mean I like the concept.

It appears to me WE ALL want the same things...harmonious loveships! How to get it, nurture it and keep...well that is a question for another day my friend.

Mizrepresent said...

Well, i don't know what those other dudes were talking about, but i loved what the last brother had to say. Good post Rich!

CapCity said...

i really just came back to look at the luscious last dude again & DAMMMMM Muze for noticing the wedding ring... i was too busy looking at his mouth;-).

And uh, Rich - if u ask Homosexuals (male or female) -- they don't deal with their own gender JUST because they were turned OFF by the other... at least, that's not what I've heard from my gay friends...

And now that I'm checking it again I also like the youngstah who said stop going thru our phones... he seemed to be the most sincere - but also probably attracted to the type of women who do that...

ummm, dayumm ... that las' brother - hope his wife appreciates him.... cuz there's a sistah in da bronx who will sop him up w/ a biscuit;-). LOL!

Don said...

tell us what you're looking for - i agree. not mind readers. cut the chase.

honesty - yep. lol @ dude saying women fake alot.

lmao @ NOTHING

the communication skills (talking and listening) is the theme of both your female and male interviews. that is the biggest thing for me, as well. the brother @ the 7:00 mark really spoke from his heart.

that barbershop conversation was classic. dude was intent on getting his point across. gotta luv that.

great entertainment, rich.

Don said...

@ sheletha: I can understand why ole boy at the barber shop doesn't get a word in edgewise with his woman cause he talk soo much shyt!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dude with the pony tails is killing me!

"We need you just like you need us" -- point taken.

Seems like most men want us to stop talking and leave they money alone. Dude please, get a woman how got her own and you'll have no problems. Except for the talking... cause I'm guilty of this as well...LOL!! Ole boy at the end with the brown sweater was preaching... and man ain't he fine!!! Did you hear him say he loves me at the end? Yeah... he said it.

Muze said...

lol @ cap sopping him up with a biscuit. ha!

and yes...i glanced at his hand cause i just KNEW a brotha like that was already taken.

and i was right. booo. LOL.

Sheletha said...

dang...if dreaded-lushious-lipped dude didn't talk with his hands, we would not be the wiser. Maybe he was doing that on purpose, to make a point perhaps. Anyhoo..fuggetabouthim.

Verbal Vixen (T Caldwell) said...

"we are the protectors, providers and lovers of you, so accept that about us. You are the nurturers and help meets."

Rich - there is much truth in your words, here. Yet, I think men need to hear this from men, maybe even moreso than women do. A couple of the dudes in your video, even.

Protectors - Yes, protect us, please. From hurt or harm, even that that may be caused by YOU.

Providers - Yes, provide for us and our children, please. Why were men in the video complaining about women being in their wallets? And another man was complaining about having to pay for everything. Clearly - there is some confusion about what it means provide and needs some clarification.

Lovers - Yes, love us. I don't think women expect men to be as sensitive as women, but you do need to be aware that WE ARE sensitive, be understanding of THAT, and treat our emotions with the delicacy they require. That is really what being a LOVER is all about - give us the love that we need and understand that we are more emotional than you. Accept that and help us feel better, not worse.

Don said...

good stuff, verbal vixen.


Rich said...

@sheletha, capcity, muze, gotta let it out -- always remember to put eye candy in the videos -- check

@verbal vixen -- I would have checked those cats on the financials, but that would have been considered hostile on the interviewees. On the flip side, I think the Indian brother was referring to over spending. Some of y'all have some straight shopping habits.

@Don, can't wait to see what you do with that new blog you are linked to.

Ticia said...

Thanks for this!!!
How are you Rich?

I like Bill Winston's church - was just there to see Cindy Trimm--

I go to New Life Covenant Oakwood - Pastor John Hannah -

Dogon said...

folk now u know i will speak

CapCity said...

Uh, Rich - make that INTELLIGENT, Well SPOKEN eye candy... no dumb jocks, please! ;-)

12kyle said...

right on point, rich! very nice

btw...i have posted the answers to yesterday's questions. thanks 4 participating.

Jorhanphotographics said...

Nice Job Rich-I enjoyed it

Tia's Real Talk said...

I'm listening!!

Nice piece and I respect all the advice. Boooooooo to the man that said "nothing". lol It's funny because the one problem that my husband has with me and he says it all the time is.."do you, say what you gotta say...". I am always keeping the peace. I will bit my tongue just to stop a discussion from turning into an argument or just because I wanna be done with the whole topic. So ironically these mean are saying "listen" and mine is telling me to speak more. In any event they are both correct.