Help Yourself to a Blessing

It's one thing to hear an expression over and over, but it's another thing to get the revelation of it by experiencing it. Take the phrase "It's better to give than to receive." I received the fullness of this phrase this past weekend when I decided to drive four hours to Chicago to support the taping of a pilot for an idea a buddy of mine has for a show. I have to admit, the timing of the taping kind of caught me off guard because I thought I had another week before it was supposed to go down. However, on Thursday night I found out it would be the coming Saturday, so because my man DJ and I have been down since 1997, I just grabbed the bull by the horns and rode out.

Fast forward to Saturday. My plan was to act as DJ's assistant to help take away some of the stress of managing a product of this magnitude. However, fate had something else in store. As it turned out a couple of people had issues preventing them from making the taping so DJ asked me to fill in. While I was totally unprepared for that, I promised to ad lib as best as I could and that I would try not to look like a "doofus" in the process.

When I tell you the taping of this show was incredible and loads of fun, I kid you not. The cast and I had an absolutely wonderful time. I think the experience exceeded our expectations. So what's my point. The point is that I went into the weekend looking to give of myself freely and I ended up being blessed in the process. I got a chance to meet some great guys and I got a chance to get in front of the camera which has been one of my dreams. I've never dreamed of being a major actor, but I would like to cut my teeth in the industry if possible. Who knows maybe one of my future writing projects will get picked up and turned into a movie. You never know. But with everything I have going on in my life it's likely it would have been a long time before I could have put any energy into acting. Therefore, it's amazing how through my giving, it has been given to me. That is wonderful. As I heard growing up, "you can't beat God's giving." When you give for goodness sake, sooner or later you will find that you also get blessed in the process.

Let me FLIP the subject a bit. During my short stint as DJ's assistant, I took some footage of the cast and a couple of people on the set. I can't tell you much about the concept other than what will be obvious from the interviews. For now, the intimate details about the project are on the hush-hush. When I've been given the clearance, I'll promote the show to the fullest and provide you with more details. Until then, enjoy.

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Free Plug: If you are in the Chicago area and need some assistance with production, check out the talented people at Studio 207.

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CapCity said...

hmmmm, all the cast members spoke about was sports (ugh! LOL;-), the make up artist look like she didn't feel like being bothered - but i like that u pressed on & got answers anyway! LOL! And Uh, ahRUMMM - are we gonna meet THOSE brothers next time we're ALL in Chicago;-)? LOL!

Mizrepresent said...

All i'm saying is...i needs to get back to my roots and hangout in Chicago! lol!

Lovebabz said...

...So when I pick up my copy of Time magazine in 2010 and see you on the Cover as multi-faceted mogul of the year...hhmmm.

Take it all in!

Rich said...

@ cap - If I find out in enough advance when the viewing party is, maybe we can plan a Chicago event the same weekend and then you can meet those brothers and then some.

@ miz - I sure wish I could have stayed longer

@love babz - I'm just having fun. I wised up and gave up on "forcing" the issue. Now I just let the goodness flow.

shelia said...

Cool...sounds like you had an unforgettable weekend.

Don said...

Man, I can't even watch the video now. Have to wait until later this evening. Thanks for sharing.

The point is that I went into the weekend looking to give of myself freely and I ended up being blessed in the process. Good deal, Rich.

sista gp said...

We all know that when we give honestly it is returned to us ten-fold. It is just that we do not know in what form it will be.
Blessings to you.

Don said...

Rich House TV, real time blogging. Good deal.


Rich said...

@don - I like to call it "Reality Blogging"

MysTery said...

Glad you had a good time!