Can't Do Without It

Since I should be getting my “I’m Rich Bytch” check soon, I figured I’d treat myself to some music. I also figured I’d give it to the good people at Apple for giving me all those great free podcasts (probably part of their marketing ploy in the first place). Anywho, I’m only showing them some love to the tune of about $100, which should get me about 100 songs (.99 cents each). So, what are your MUST HAVE songs for your Ipod? Any genre will do, except Country and Western and Hard Rock. I’ll consider anything else. I also like timeless music, so none of that trendy type stuff. So, what are your top 5 to 10 must have songs that you would purchase? If you have more, then feel free to list them by name and artist and album if you know it.

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Anonymous said...

LMBO @ the name of the check...I also love how bloggers all over are planning their purchases.

Mizrepresent said...

Top 5 -most are songs i've been dying to hear and can't find (well in stores, but here they go)

1.Happy - Rick James

2.Deja-Vu - Teena Marie

3.All I do is think of you- Troop

4.Neva Neva Land - Lyfe Jennings

5.To be invisible - Gladys Knight (from the Claudine soundtrack)

Anonymous said...

I swear I love every song I hear so I'll make a short list of songs that I can think of at the moment.

1) Lisa Stansfield - Been around the World

2) BeBe & CeCe Winans - Addicted Love

3) Algebra - At This Time

4) Stevie Wonder - If Your Love Cannot Be Moved

5) Eric Benet - Come As You Are

6) Kem - the whole first album

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

man u wild have a great weekend folk

Lovebabz said...

1) Come Inside My Love--Minnie Ripperton

2) Edge of a Dream--Minnie Ripperton

3) Love's Holiday--Earth, Wind & Fire

4) Far Away--Carol King

5) Ain't Too Proud to Beg--Temptations

6)The Best for Last--Vanessa

7)My Favorite things--John Coltrane

8) At Last--Dinah Washington

9)Something Real--Phoebe Snow

10)Still the One--Shania Twain (yes it's country)

Don said...

oh, Rich, i can reach down and look into my phone and give you ten quick songs that i love til death. they make me feel different than most songs i listen to. maybe you will also enjoy.

1) yesterday - mary,mary

2) he still loves me - beyonce, fighting temptation soundtrack

3) ordinary people - john legend

4) what's going on - marvin gaye

5) joy denalane - heaven or hell

6) tell me something good - chaka khan

7) money don't matter - prince

8) you will know - black men united

9) sara smile - hall & oates

10) every time you go away - hall & oates

Rich said...

@Miz -- Happy was/is the JAM! Rick and Tina used to put it down -- You know I had to hit youtube and get my groove on pronto. I'm buying thoset for sure. I like that Troop too. I'll have to Check out Lyfe and Gladys

@Jewells - I have the best of Lisa Stansfield on CD, but I haven't loaded it yet.

@MIZ - again - Girl that Happy fin' to make me forego my thoughts of a quiet night.

Back to Jewels - I never heard of Algebra, but I'm listening and will probably give her a run. When I saw the guitar, it reminded me of Michelle N'Dega Ochello's first album. I need to get some cuts from that one time.
Love your suggestions will probably take all except BeBe and CeCe -- while I love Gospel, I never really jumped on their bandwagon. Weird right.

@Torrance - U too folk.

@Love Babz -- I'll take 7 out of 10. :)

@Don - What? No Pac? Get outta here. I see you've been watching Poetic Justice a lot. I forgot all about that cut.
Aaron Hall, Christopher Williams, Tevin Campbell. Y'all gone make me spend some more money.
No doubt on that Prince. I got to buy his catalog again. SIDE STORY -- Back in 96'/97' I got super "religious" about church and threw away a bunch of my money like a fool. All my hip hop went by the way, my Prince, anything "WORLDLY" too bad those in power couldn't practice what they preach, but thanks to them I realized "relationship" was better than "religion".
Just checked out that Joy Denalane for the first time -- Good looking on that cut. And the old school no doubt makes the cut.

Thanks y'all -- keep it coming.

Rich said...

@Don, didn't mean money, meant I threw away a bunch of music, but it might as well had been money, since I have to re-spend it.

The Jaded NYer said...

aww... why you hatin on hard rock? I was just gonna recommend a really cool Good Charlotte song... oh well...


JayBee said...

am i the only living survivor who still doesn't own an ipod? if i had one i'd have some john legend, some lauryn hill, some luda, and t.i. on it. things are too touch and go for me right now. i have no plans of spending when i get my duckets.

The Jaded NYer said...

Hey- since you asked, here are a few non-R&B songs, 'cause I know everyone else will suggest those:

>Helena by Good Charlotte
>anything from Mana's "Unplugged" CD
>anything by Deathcab For Cutie
>and some Tokyo Police Club
>Valio La Pena by Marc Anthony (aka Mr. J. LO ha ha ha ha)

Let me know if you like any of it

The Jaded NYer said...

Oh wait, two more:

Look up the artist Kaysha, he's an African singer (awesome!)

and Ayo... I think she's African, too, and yes, also awesome

Queen of My Castle said...

Wow...these are some great lists.

1. Crown Royal-Jill Scott

2. Adore-Prince

3. If I have My Way-Chrisette Michelle

4. All I-Jill Scott

5. Insatiable-Prince

6. Before I Let Go-Frankie Bev/Maze

7. Reasons-Earth, Wind, and Fire

8. If I Were A Bell-Tina Marie

9. Love Stop Making a Fool of Me-Minnie Ripperton

Don said...

@ rich: yep. I too went through the 'everything worldly' phase. Sadly I went back to the worldly values when I saw how the church wasn't too much different than the streets.

I know it should have been about God...but I struggle.

I started to list some 2Pac but I decided to leave out the rap music. I think Joy Denalane made one of the best albums last year. Severely underrated artist.

Rich said...

@queen of my castle -- If I Were A Bell, wow! You know I have to get some Portuguese Love with that.

@Jaded - couldn't find Helen, but I like Good Charlotte's "Keep Your Hand Off My Girl". I've also heard of Ayo.

@Don -- yeah, game recognizes game, no matter where it's at.