No Country For Broke Men

If it's one thing I like having, I must admit it's money. When my money gets too low, I have to make a concerted effort to be in a good mood. I hate that it drives me that way, but admittedly it does. My wife and I have a phrase that I use to let her know when I've had enough. If we shop too long or spend too much money I tell her, "I'm at my threshold of pain."

Now that gas doesn't look like it's coming back down anytime soon, I've once again come to my threshold of pain. Filling up three vehicles weekly is no fun (my college age daughter is home for the summer). Therefore, I've decided I'm going to save myself several hundred dollars by using public transportation to get to work.

I did the math and I spend about $130/wk on my car alone (that includes weekend driving), which adds up to $520 month. We won't talk mileage and service department visits. My wife will also park her SUV and drive my car only when needed. Either way we save quite a bit of dough by me foregoing parking my car outside of my job for 8 hours. Besides, my main goal is to take one for the team so that we can continue enjoying life without throwing hundreds of dollars away a month on gas. Besides a monthly pass to catch the bus/train costs only $60 and it stops right in front of my job. On the flip side, I guess I'll finally have more time to read.

I thought about buying a scooter, but I figured it would take a while to break even despite the 80 mile per gallon average you get on these things. This one costs about $5k new. I may consider it down the road, but not right now.

So tell me, what are you doing to keep some of your money in your pockets these days, maybe you're doing something someone hasn't thought of.

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Aunt Jackie said...

I took a job on the road just so that I could park my car for two months...which means stacking that gas money I'm mad that it's illegal to store some gas for later, cuz that's my people in Texas do but that's a sidenote.

I've been shopping at the Farmer's Market which gives me a chance to bargain with the farmers/vendors.

Buying organics at the 99 cents store.

Most importantly brewing my coffee at home and brown bagging it.

Come to think of it I've always done most if not all of these things, maybe I could use some inspiration too.

Dreamy said...

well i decided to travel less, that means going to work, moms and and home.

which does me well for me cause I am only put gas in the car once every two weeks

12kyle said...

i feel you, playa! i feel you. we're driving a lot less now. wifey is riding the train to work and i drive her car which is better on gas. i don't make any more unnecessary trips around town anymore. yesterday, i went to church and came home. that was it. no riding around. no trip to see the fellas at the sports bar.

Q said...

That's why I "walk it out"....

Pajnstl said...

we've been cutting back on extra travel. work home and well planned trips for errands.
thought abt the metrolink, but i'd still have to take a bus or walk. and im not trying to travel w/ changing clothes since its so hot out.

sista gp said...

All home-cooked meals

Brown-bag coffee/tea and lunch (more often)

Combining trips: household shopping on way home from work

Kroger gas while using shopping card: $3.71 per gallon

Rich said...

Sounds like everyone is doing a bit of the same thing. I wonder what folks will come up with when gas is $5/gallon -- the 4th is this week and it's not really close yet as they said it would be, but I'm watching.

Mr.Slish said...

I'm looking for a part time jizzob... Cost me nearly 300.00 a month to travel to my BS job...Public transportation is not an option...

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I only buy my clothes and shoes on sale.

When it comes to tennis shoes I wait for Famous Footwear's buy one get one half off. And I joined the perks club they got cause getting 25 dollars off shoes sounds good to me.

Matter of fact I join all those if you shop here and use this card you will get a reward later. Like money off gas.

I have cut back on going to movies. And when we buy movies for movie night they are used. Like from Blockbuster where they sale them 4 for 20.

Instead of buying a CD for $15 that I know I won't listen to every song I download the two or three Songs I will listen to for 99cents.

I have learned to use cash only. If I am going to the store with a set budget I take that amount and leave the debit card. Cause if I have it on me I know I can just use it to get anything extra I really didn't need.

Take advantage of family activities that are inexpensive or free. Like art festivals. Days where the zoo or museum are half off or free.

I have a list. I can go on for a book.

Lovebabz said...

Menu planning weeks in advance and shopping accordingly.

Backyard, basketball, sprinklers.

City Beach which is lovely and has a waterpark...not rides---all types of cool sprinklers. A playground and the oldest wooden horse carousel in America all FREE...the carousel cost a quarter to ride!

We are camping at Cape Cod this summer for our summer vacations.

Gas here in CT is the 2nd highest in the Country $4.29- $4.40. So it hurts every time I go to the pump. The good thing is that the children are all at the same summer camp so one drop off and one pick-up!

Shai said...

I don't own a car so the gas is not affecting me. I do need to curtail my internet shopping and the other miscellaneous spending.

Rich said...

You know it's interesting how we set our minds to accept something that isn't all together true. We grew up not having a car at various times and got along fine. I'm not sure how I would feel if I went back to not owning a car. I'll tell myself its not plausible, but the thought of no car insurance, no fuel expenses, no maintenance sounds appealing. I guess the same could be said for cell phones and such. We have bought into the idea of needing them when we really don't. They are great conveniences, but they don't come without their price tags.

Aunt Jackie said...

I live in California and gas costs are already hitting $5 a gallon, as a matter of fact I saw $5.09 on the way to work and you can't get a gallon for less than $4.55.

and lemme tell you with a V6 engine that doesn't perform well on low quality gas it's a real b*tch at the pump.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

What up Brother! Sounds like you and the wife make a great team...and you're a good team captain with your willingness to take one for the team...Blessings to you and the family financially and on all other levels..

I'm bout to pick up an extra job...near my home.

Lance said...

well, you know me....

save that $1.00 and play the lottery.

your odds ain't that bad:
you have a 50% chance of winning(either you win or you don't) vs 100% chance of NOT winning, if you don't play at all. ;-P

the powerball this wed. rich and is $85,000,000....take a chance and remember ya boy when you win.

...remember, not just in thought but duckets!

okay, okay...for your mega million players, it's $43,000,000.

git yo' game up!

Rich said...

Lance, I do believe you are going to hit that Lotto one of these days because you do BELIEVE.

I will play in memory of you. Now, when you win, you do the same and remember me in duckets.

With all that loot surely you/I can afford to hook up some of the blog fam as well.

CapCity said...

I traded in my MINI for a corolla that ACTUALLY gets BETTER gas mileage! 40 mpg on the highway this past weekend!

Mizrepresent said...

I'm taking the bus, and just changed my internet, phone and cable access with save me a little over $60 a month. I'm about to check into some more security companies too! Man, i'm not stopping until i am living like i used to, way before this dayum gas hike!