For Great Men and Women Who Want One

I recently got turned onto this book and I just started barreling through it. It is an excellent read, full of wisdom and common sense approaches to matters every man will face at one time or another. It's also a good book for women to check out so that they might give it to the man in their life as well as gain some understanding about him as well as themselves. Either way, it will be of some benefit. Trust me.

If you still aren't sold that this book is everything I say it is, go over to my man C-Mac's blog because he will be doing several posts on this book, starting today.

The Way of the Superior Man


part one: A MAN’S WAY

1 Stop Hoping for a Completion of Anything in Life
2 Live With an Open Heart Even If It Hurts
3 Live As If Your Father Were Dead
4 Know Your Real Edge and Don’t Fake It
5 Always Hold To Your Deepest Realization
6 Never Change Your Mind Just to Please a Woman
7 Your Purpose Must Come Before Your Relationship
8 Lean Just Beyond Your Edge
9 Do It for Love
10 Enjoy Your Friends’ Criticism
11 If You Don’t Know Your Purpose, Discover It, Now
12 Be Willing To Change Everything in Your Life
13 Don’t Use Your Family As an Excuse
14 Don’t Get Lost in Tasks and Duties
15 Stop Hoping for Your Woman to Get Easier


16 Women Are Not Liars
17 Praise Her
18 Tolerating Her Leads to Resenting Her
19 Don’t Analyze Your Woman
20 Don’t Suggest That a Woman Fix Her Own Emotional Problem
21 Stay With Her Intensity––To a Point
22 Don’t Force the Feminine to Make Decisions


23 Your Attraction to the Feminine Is Inevitable
24 Choose a Woman Who Is Your Complementary Opposite
25 Know What Is Important in Your Woman
26 You Will Often Want More Than One Woman
27 Young Women Offer You a Special Energy
28 Each Woman Has a “Temperature” That Can Heal or Irritate You


29 Choose a Woman Who Chooses You
30 What She Wants Is Not What She Says
31 Her Complaint Is Content-Free
32 She Doesn’t Really Want to Be Number One
33 Your Excellent Track Record Is Meaningless to Her
34 She Wants to Relax in the Demonstration of Your Direction

part five: YOUR DARK SIDE

35 You Are Always Searching for Freedom
36 Own Your Darkest Desires
37 She Wants the “Killer” in You
38 She Needs Your Consciousness to Match Her Energy


39 The Feminine is Abundant
40 Allow Older Women Their Magic
41 Turn Your Lust Into Gifts
42 Never Allow Your Desire to Become Suppressed or Depolarized
43 Use Her Attractiveness as a Slingshot Through Appearance

part seven: BODY PRACTICES

44 Ejaculation Should Be Converted or Consciously Chosen
45 Breathe Down the Front
46 Ejaculate Up the Spine


47 Take into Account the Primary Asymmetry
48 You Are Responsible for the Growth in Intimacy
49 Insist on Practice and Growth
50 Restore Your Purpose in Solitude and with Other Men
51 Practice Dissolving

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Lovebabz said...

Hey Fitzgerald,

As a rule I hate these kinds of books...BUT I like the table of contents. It seems very thoughtful and interesting.

I amy be adding this to the reading list for the winter...hhhm.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I read the contents.
Honestly, I have no intention on reading this book.

I will check out the other blog to see what this is all about.

Rich said...

Oh, I knew you GROWN women would be against it, but you really should read it, some of the chapters are only two pages long, but they are powerful.

Don't get me wrong, I don't get down with EVERYTHING he says, but he makes for an interesting read. I almost put the book down after reading the introduction because of such a broad appeal, but once I got into the chapters, I was sold.

Keith said...

I found this to be very interesting. I want to know more.
I'll check out the other blog to see more. Thanks.

KIKI said...

I found the table of contents interesting...until I got to part 4. Then I was like "what is this ish?"

Still looks fascinating, though, so I may have to go pick it up.

Rich said...

The headings are meant to be controversial, but they are also written that way to pull you in.

Darius T. Williams said...

Wow - this seems like a great read...especially the part about living as if your father were dead!

Rich said...

I knew that would resonate with someone.

MysTery said...

Lol, whoa.

Some of this stuff really goes both ways...

18.Tolerating Her Leads to Resenting Her *applause*

19.Don’t Analyze Your Woman or Man...this will irritate the MESS out fo you!

20...I wish a %$^$ would! lol

Sounds like it may be an interesting read if I admit that I would like to understand the male species more. lol!

A New Man said...

Well, I normally duck this genre, but the table of contents was interesting enough to make me curious. I'll add it to my reading list.

Aunt Jackie said...

I'm gonna have to leave that book for the men folk!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

lol @aunt jackie using folk