One Heck Of A Contest

Thinking of writing the great American Novel? Well, Simon and Shuster wants to see your story (fiction only). They currently have a writing contest where they will award the winner $100,000. Originally they were accepting manuscripts until December 31st, but they have pushed it back to March 31st, so if you are in the process of writing yours or think you can belt one out by then, this might be your big break.

Ohh, there's just one thing, it will cost you $85 to submit. That caught my attention, not for reasons of finding a deal, but they said they were accepting up to 50,000 entries, and at $85 a pop, that's $4.2 Million if they sell it out. Supposedly to cover administrative costs. I have one question, can I be a part of the administrative team?

All jokes aside, so far they have just over one thousand submissions, so this might be a decent investment for you if you don't want to self publish, especially if you think you are the man/woman! I say go for it!

By the way, check out Child of God (published by Simon and Shuster), it's a superb book and it will basically take you to school on how to write a great literary work.

News Story: Contest Winner to Get Book Deal
Submission Site: Sobol Award Site

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California Dove said...

This is a blessing! My sister has been writing a story for the past two years. It's a Christian-based story of two kids (Jeremy and Cameron) actually best friends learning to overcome challenges in a small English town, thru the Word. It's almost fantasy like Harry Potter, but much more realistic and way funnier. She has about 150 pages. This is perfect! Thank you Holy Spirit!!

Lance said...

you're on a roll rich...thanks for the psa (public service announcement)..spreading the word now

Sheletha said...

I sent the information to my friend in Michigan. She wrote a story waaay back in the day where the real Peaches came into the public. Ive read most of it then, and think that it is off the damn chain. My book club has been trying to read her original work for a year now, but she won't let us. She's sensitive about her shit. whatever the case, I hope she submits would be her first step, or second, the first would be writing the book.

Juan G said...

Sounds like a good investment. There may be one story chosen for the prize but I am sure there will be other book deals out of the bunch. My only hesitation would be if the rules prohibit you from having an agent.

BTW, Child of God is one of my favorite books ever. I hate that it got buried by the 911 tragedies.

Rich in the Stl said...

Juan, you hit it on the head, it does. Simon and Shuster want to have cracks at you first.

Sheletha said...