Special Kind of Flow

This year I'm getting into the holiday spirit early. I'm usually Mr. Bahh Humbug because I hate the commercialization aspect, but I'm not letting that get in the way of my good spirits.

Sunday morning, I was spending some time in front of the tube watching PBS with my kids and we happened upon the sounds of Celtic Woman.
Celtic Woman is a phenomenal group of Irish Women who have been breaking records with their unique sound. Their self titled album held the #1 spot on the Billboard World Music Chart for an amazing 81 weeks, only to be knocked off by their new release, Celtic Woman - A Christmas Celebration. So now they hold the number one and number two spots.

As World Music goes it's a non-traditional sound, especially if you grew up on R&B like myself, but I like them and so did my kids. The song that I like the most of theirs is actually a tune I have heard before, I just couldn't recall where I had heard it. It also took me the longest time to find it because I thought the name of the song was something other than what the artist entitled it. So, without further ado, I give you Celtic Woman performing Orinoco Flow.

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

Celtic Woman: Online

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Lance said...

wow...imagine that....i've heard this song many times on the radio/t.v., but never thought much about it's origins til now.

you learn something new everyday....

good lookin' rich!

Girly_Girl said...

Was this song originally performed by Enya?

Also, I like the song, but I wonder about the title: Orinoco Flow. Isn't the Orinoco a river in South America or something?

BTW, Rich, my kids love this song, too!

Rich in the Stl said...

I kept seeing comments about Enya on You Tube, but didn't bother looking them up. The PBS special was on Celtic Woman, so I ran with it.

dertyred said...

As I was listening, I kept getting this image of a movie scene with Bruce Willis and Chris Rock...can't think of the name of the movie, but they were in outerspace on a resort type ship and there was an alien singer with a beautiful voice....anyway, i really enjoyed it, it made me want to break out my clarinet and join in.

Lance said...

dertyred...chris rock or chris tucker. bruce willis and chris tucker were in the sci-fi movie "the fifth element" which also featured milla jovovich.

the fifth element, just like those rush hour films with jackie chan, take chris tucker outta those movies and the film would have been garbage.