Funny Friday??

I know it's not Friday, but I had to do a little traveling and would you believe I have no laptop. So, this one's a little early. Everybody have a good weekend.

This guy needs no introduction. He is the Godfather of Black Comedy, the one and only Richard Pryor.

I'm with Rich on this one!!

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]

With all the talk of having a brother in the White House (see post on Barack Obama), I thought it would be fun to see what Richard thought about having a black President. Check out some of the now famous actors/comedians getting their start on "The Richard Pryor Show" -- You Tube won't allow embedding on this one, but check it out on their site, here's the link.
President Pryor

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Dawnya said... safe on ur journey!! And Richard Pryor is the best comedian of all times!

Rich in the Stl said...

thx dawnya, didn't know anybody was out here this late.

Lance said...

wow...i haven't seen that skit, well "the richard pryor show" in years. though it was short lived on NBC, it was like the hottest show to watch when it was on. i don't know about you young'ns but "the richard pryor show" was the predecessor of eddie murphy's skits on "saturday night live" and the wayans' family "in living color". soooo funny. an incredible talent lost, but will never be forgotten.

can you imagine how bright richard pryor's star would have been that at the height of his career, HBO would be on the scene? just crazy!

i bet richard, redd, & robin are probably walking across a heavenly-spanned bridge, looking at the water and about to take a piss!

Sheletha said...

love richard!!!!

Girly_Girl said...

Richard is crazy and just how I like comedians to be...UNFILTERED.

I know you wish I was a little more filtered--right, Sheletha??

Sheletha said...

Riiiight G-G....

December 10 marks the anniversary of his death...

I just had a Blockbuster Night with side now hurts