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Dear Rich House Reader

I am a 38-year-old divorcee who, after three months of being in a relationship, believed that my partner and I were near marriage. I told him that I was infected with HPV (genital warts), but only after we had become sexually involved. I had never had any signs or symptoms and was told by my doctor that it could not be contracted orally. Still, he believes that he could be infected or may become infected if he remains with me. We have not been intimate since. In retrospect, I believe I should have told him. Can we get past this?

What advice do you have OR what would you do in their shoes?

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Lance said...

sounds like this one is a needy woman whose "gotta" be married, for the sake of being "married"....especially "she's" talking about marriage after being involved with someone after three months? are you serious?

either she was cheatin' on her ex and/or bangin' new dude at the same time, for a lonnnnnng time, but "officially" made it known that they've been dating for "three" months after the fact.

curious to know the time period between her last relationship or sexual encounter and sex for the first time with her new partner. based on the information i've been reading online, it takes between 1 - 3 months before the visible symptons of HPV gential warts to appear. more than likely she was "bonin'" without protection. so, it's a toss up!

could it be that the partner had the HPV first and playing dumb to make it seem like you had it first and gave it to him?

you broke the news first, remember?

Rich in the Stl said...

Interesting analysis Lance. The three month thing made me go hmmm too, but there's a bigger question here.

Could you fall for a female (male for you ladies) if they came out and told you they had some luggage they couldn't get rid of. How would it make you feel, especially if you had grown to love them PRE-Sex.

Rich in the Stl said...

To piggy back. Do people still fall in love PRE-sex or does that seeming take us over the top?

Sheletha said...

too many unknowns to give good advice.

Pre-SEX thirty eight falling in a friendship mode is the last thing on this chicks mind

Sheletha said...

follow-up question:

Will we still talk about weed?

Rich in the Stl said...

Alright Sheletha, let's suppose you fall in love with him. Question 1. Does that happen Pre-sex or Post-sex (non-judgmental, just wondering)

2. Assuming you dig the mess out of him, what do you do if he tells you he has been exposed to genital warts.

3. He smokes weed to boot [just for you :) ]

Comment on what you like, just don't bail on me with those gloss over answers.

Lance said...

to answer both questions, can you BEFORE the fact and PRE-sex????

1) BEFORE the fact? HELL TO THE NAW!!!! *** well, i was gonna say if she WAS a certain ACTRESS...(ain't gonna say who cause she ain't married, so this NEGRO is keepin' HOPE alive for a shot!!!!)...but it'll be shitty if she leave yo ass and then you stuck like chuck for not givin' a fuck!

2) PRE-sex? only when i got 'ol gurl on the side. shit, who you kiddin'?

Lance said...

betta be sum gud shit to dive in AFTER the fact

...most definitely for the PRE-sex deal. what's the point in seeing her? no ass?...betta have some weed!!!!!

hahahahaha!!!!! (;-P

Sheletha said...

POST sex- love would be just a confirmation (if it was the bomb)if I was feeling him before hand. if the sex wasnt the bomb, and he still had some weight on him, then it would just be a matter of him learning how to please me. I believe I would still be diggin the mess outta him.

If he tells me that hes been exposed.
Post Sex Love - we would go together to the doctor and get checked out, there would have to be a conversation about where this relationship is going. Im talking about together we are making some choices, exclusivity will be a must at this point so that we can go forward.

Pre Sex Love - Ill go get checked out, alone...there still has to be some conversation about our relationship, but still be willing to cut my losses.

He doesn't have to smoke weed. I just wanted to talk about it.

california dove said...

OK. This is a woman who has had too much fun. She has genital warts and is a sex addict. Yuck. How can anyone NOT know they have warts? Anyway, I think she should have let the kitten relax before she find the next doggie.