Sprinkle Me

Money. We all need it and most of us want more of it.

As I was thinking about financial matters and why so many people go without, something occured to me --- Most people don't look to create money, they settle for working for it. I know that isn't profound, but it started me to thinking about how much could I create consistently. Not hustle for, which I've been guilty of in the past, but could I create in the manner in which God does, even if it was a small amount? The key is the element of consistency.

When God creates he does it so that the seed for more is within the created vessel. Everything he has created replenishes itself. Humans, Plants, Animals, etc. The question you have to ask yourself is have you followed that example? Does your business or business idea replinish itself? Is it positioned so that it always produces the desired results? If it isn't maybe you need to think about modifying it.

In the meantime, here's something to consider. A hustle causes you to run down money, but rightly applied, the creative approach causes the money to run you down.

I'm not trying to be deep here. I just want to see you reach your potential. I also want to challenge you to think differently than you have grown accustomed to. Can you think of an element that you could add to your business or idea that would allow the money to run you down. That's how the successful entrepreneur thinks. Simply following the pack gets you what everyone else has. Start to rethink how you should position your product or service, because doing so increases the likelihood that the provision you need will begin to shower down on you.

Finally, let me leave you with this. You are where you are today because of the questions you have gotten answers to. You are also where you are because of the questions you have failed to get answers to. So with that said, does anyone have a question or a comment? The floor is yours.


CapCity said...

I need help sorting & categorizing all this G.D. paperwork! I had a list around here somewhere of how long u need to keep certain important documents, but it's buried under these piles of paper that need to be organized, sorted, shredded & filed. Please pray for me!

Mega Rich said...

You may want to consider scanning some of those documents and storing them electronically. If not, maybe you could call a temp service and get a short term admin assistant, just some ideas.

CapCity said...

My Moma's here to SAVE the DAYYYYYY! ;-)