It doesn't come along everyday

(Taken from my 365 Day Challenge Post)
22. Support GOOD musicians by purchasing their albums. Bootleg is for busters! You'd want people to buy your work, wouldn't you?

It's easier said than done to find GOOD music. You definitely won't hear it on the radio. Well...every now and again you might, but I haven't found much that I want to spend money on.

However, in my search I came across these Cats who go by the name, MOJOE. Their album, Classic.Ghetto.Soul came out in 2006, but the music doesn't sound dated at all. They mix Soul/Jazz/Hip-Hop into their style. I think you will like them. I provided a sample below and you can also find them on Amazon.

[click "play" (the arrow button) to watch]


The Master (De)bater said...

I see why you dig Mojoe, Rich. Thanks for passing the word on some new music. On the subject of bootlegging, I don't mind buying good artists' work at all; I DO retain the right to sample them online before I purchase their wares. Once upon a time, I was that kid who blew thousands on crappy music... and decided a long time ago that I wouldn't pay for someone else's bad idea ever again.

What's up in Rich-land, playboy?

Mega Rich said...

I definitely understand buying albums and out of 10 songs you like 3. That's the beauty of mp3 technology that allows you to buy the songs you like (amazon and itunes).

It's all good. Trying to enjoy the holidays without having to do too much rehab (housing) work. My wife keeps waking up with all these good ideas that require me to work, but I like the way she pays, so I'm not complaining too much.

Anali said...

I can't see the video for some reason, but I definitely agree that it's hard to find good music. I listen to a lot online for the most part and I hope that the artists are getting paid for it. Enjoy the music and Happy New Year! ; )

Anonymous said...

I love their sound - thanks for the heads up!

CapCity said...

Thanx for keeping me up on good music & FOINE Brothers, BigDaddy Rich;-). Yea, EZ & Tre can GET it for the new year! LOL! Seriously, it's such a treat to meet strong young backs with appreciation for their predecessors! Happy New YEAR to ya, Rich!

Don said...

Yep, I agree, definitely some good music there. While listening to the video I was thinking The Roots. Then I heard the woman asked who did people compare the group too?

The chorus was perfect.