Weekend Update - Book Release Party

Group Shot! w/a few of my coworkers sprinkled in.

My girls and CapCity

Last night we had a good time. The venue was nice, the crowd appreciative (although they were on CP time), the food banging, the comedy good and memorable. It was definitely a bloggers' delight. In the STL for the first book release party we had CAPcity, Mizrepresent, Sheletha, Lance, Saadia, Sharon, Lea78 (sworn to secrecy about her real name and what she looks like), Suite B, and yours truly. I won't tell y'all about all the goings on that took place. It's one of those "What goes on in the STL, stays in the STL" type of deals. But I assure you. Everyone had a good time.

I'm sure the ladies will have some pictures as well, but my daughters took a few pics, so I'll share those. On the real, if you haven't gotten the book, pick up a copy. We plan to put blog writers on the map, but we need your support. We will be looking for writers/poets for volume 2 soon, but lets blow volume 1 up in the meantime. Got to get that holla bread so we can holla back!

Bloggers' Delight Release Party, take 1

Two Girly Girls!

Miz and Sheletha

Sharon, Miz, Saadia and Sheletha

Delighted Guests
(Author Sharen Casimere in black)

I was so surprised to receive the following in an email this morning.

Mr.& Mrs. Rich Fitzgerald,

Thanks again for finding me on the Internet, and allowing me to take part in your important day. I've done many book signings, but none of them was as fun or wonderful as this day. I will be showing off your book and I hope you and the others be so blessed by God for showing someone you didn't know a great time. If you guys ever need me to help as a speaker or anything, just send an e-mail. Stay blessed.

Thanks again,

Sharen Casimere

If you have a child in the early years of development, I would recommend picking up a copy of her latest book. Also, Sharen Casimere [Educational] and blogger Xavier Pierre Jr. (Alize') [Best Autobiography] are up for awards at Infini Promoters. Go and let your voice be heard.

Comedian "Smoogie" and my co-worker "Nikki"

Mrs. Rich

My boyz CP and DJ
DJ came in from Chicago, stayed for several hours and went back home.
Now that's what you call a friend! Thanks Bruh.

And to all the blog family and guests who came out and supported us -- much obliged!

Washington D.C. is next!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by. of course I had to stop by and cast a vote for my friend mr. Xavier. its not because hes my friend, but strong written material. It takes a very special person to tell such story depressing and all...

Lovebabz said...


You all look so BEAUTIFUL! OH MY! I was so happy to see these photos!---I must have checked everybody's site and of course I should have started here!

I am so proud of you all! And my 3books arrived Saturday--1 for me and the other 2 are gifts!

My heart is so FULL!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dang man, the smiles, looks like yawl had a ball, i feel bad but i know yawl holding it down

Girly_Girl said...

I had such a great time, Rich. Thanks for everything.

Oh, and I look a little impaired in that picture with your darling daughter. Might not be a snapshot for her scrapbook... :)

Rose said...

Just stop by after hearing Sharen Casimere bragged about the ball she had. Although she mentioned she was going to a book signing, I would have attended if I knew that Sharon and other bloggers were involved. Too bad some of you were this close and most of us St. louis bloggers missed it. Didn't know about it really!

Rich said...

@rose -- I actually invited all the writers listed on your publishing site but couldn't find an email address for you.

shelia said...

It looks like you all had a good time. I wish I could have been there.

CapCity said...

Rich - U & the Mrs. are TRULY the hosts of hosts! This was a wonderful first time to the STL! I had an ABSOLUTE BLIZZAST!!! Thanx!! I'll post after I've recuperated - or maybe while waiting at the airport on route home;-).

Mizrepresent said...

Thanks to Rich and Mrs Rich for a one of the "Best Events" ever...i had a great time with everyone! Thanks so much for coming out and we will see you in DC!

Suite B said...

I had a great time and once I recover from the weekend I will start reading the book. It was great meeting everyone and you missed the after party...but don't worry we did a little drinking and dancing for you. And Lea78 is not a secret anymore because I always enjoy putting her on blast on my blog!!!

lea78 said...

man it was the best time ever. i am so happy to finally put some real faces behind all the words i have read. can't wait for the next event so i can crash it. lol

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

Rich, Thanks so much for the encouragement and the plug. If you guys meet in DC, I'll come up from Florida. :-)

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

Rich said...

@saadia -- Yeah, them eyes were starting to glaze over.

@xavier -- I think I read somewhere that you live in Broward County. I got some folk down in them parts. -- But I'm hearing good things about your work, and I like your writing, so I will be picking up a copy of your book, real soon.

@Thelma and Louise - y'all are some cool chicks. I'm glad you were persistent about coming out.

Shai said...

Looks like yall had some fun. Congrats on the signing and future success.

I wished I could have gone.

Don said...

I won't tell y'all about all the goings on that took place. It's one of those "What goes on in the STL, stays in the STL" type of deals. But I assure you. Everyone had a good time.

I feel you.

The pictures are so great that I had to take the time and study each and every one of them. Its always good to see black people getting together and doing it up. Its good to see how bloggers came together.

Your fam is beautiful, dude. Of course you already know that. Serious props.

KIKI said...

I'm still hatin...but I'm glad ya'll had a good time! lookin Pimp-a-liscious in dat der suit, Cat Daddy LOL(for know you look good)! And Mrs. Rich & the girls...beautiful!

Rich said...

@Shai - maybe we'll have one in your neck of the woods when you roll out in volume 2.

@Don - Man, my head still hurts from smoking some Brazilian Cigars with Lance on Sunday Night. And I share your same sentiments, ain't nothing like getting down with good folk.

@kiki -- baby girl, you know we'll come to Cleveland if you give us some lead time and host the party. Maybe sometime this summer. Now that would be a party no doubt. Holla at your boy.

Rich said...

Oh, Torrance, you know we coming to the ATL, so don't worry folk, it will be on and poppin' as soon as it warms up.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a grand time. I love black people.

Your wife is beautiful.

Sharon said...

Hey Rich!
I know I don't have to tell you what a ball I had, and then hanging wit you crazy folk on Sunday was like getting an extra cherry on top! I'm back from my college visit road trip with my son and FINALLY got that damned movie I made to load up over on my spot after I uploaded it to YouTube, so go over and check it out.

I also took some video shorts of you, Diane, and Cap reading at Lucas Park and though the sound quality is not great, I am loading them up to YouTube as well and will send you a link so you can check them out once they are up.

I am so thrilled to have met all y'all, and you know we gonna continue to do it big up in here now that we are all FAM! And btw, DITTO what everybody else said about that beautiful family of yours ;-)

MysTery said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad you guys had a great time!!

I was just stopping by to say that I liked your short story! I knew it would be good and...unexpected! Lol, keep up the good work!!

Rich said...

@mystery - thanks. I know that twist at the end is unexpected, but it's all about getting the reader committed to the story. You won't believe all the responses I've received on that story.

StarStatus said...

Dad...I'm glad to hear that you guys had a blast...and everyone looks happy in the pictures. So maybe my old man does know how to party after all. Its good to finally put a face to ur "blogger family" that you always talk about. Mom and the girls looked fab...but where on earth was Munch and why isn't he in any pictures?? BTW, when I come home for Spring Break...I'm burning that "A PIMP NAMED SLICK BACK" creation that you had on...LMAO..(wait am I old enough to say that???)...JK.


Sheletha said...

...whooo LMFAO @ A PIMP NAMED SLICK BACK creation.

she got you on that one.

don't whoop her. she didn't mean no harm.

okay my head hurts from laughing.

Rich said...

@starstatus -- love the name and love the joke, that was funny. I even laughed at that.

Ticia said...

Looks like lots of fun!!