Killing Two Birds

Looks like Al Gore might be in for a couple of nods. His documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" is on the Oscar short list. It's not a shoe in, but the way he's marketing it, it just might make it.

This Saturday Gore is hosting a network of 1,600 house parties across the country to watch and discuss his documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," with the Democrat planning to address the gatherings by satellite hookup.

In addition to that, some of the heads in the Democrat Party want him to consider running for President in 2008. I would rather see Barack Obama get the nod, but Gore would be better than Hillary. I just don't see her making the cut. She's smart, but she's just not as likable as some of the other candidates. I just hope nobody caps my man Barack, because he's getting a lot of love these days. He just left New Hampshire and they were all smiles. A black President may not be as far off as we think; wouldn't that be something. He could even go for the conservative move and run as Gore's Vice President and increase his chance of getting into the top spot down the road. Either way, I would love to see him hitting the campaign trails next year. I'd even give money towards his campaign, a move I have never made or considered.

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Lance said...

i'm with you on obama for president, but what's going to hurt him is...what has he done lately..or done period?

the last thing people want to see is another bush in the white house. all talk and no game. he's going to have to start makin' moves as a senator and institute change. once he's accomplished that...he'll have everybody eating out of his hands.

as for hillary....good luck. that whole clinton baggage thing will keep her down. but look out for nancy pelosi...if anything happens to bush or cheney (same time), house speaker nancy pelosi, i believe, would become the first female president. kinda reminscence of the movie "the man" with james earl jones as the first black president.

Rich in the Stl said...

I never saw that, I'm going to have to check it out.

The interesting thing about Obama is that he has a nice track record of working in the trenches in the city of Chicago, maybe thats why he gets so much love from Oprah & Co. As far as a senator goes, he's likely being held in check by some of the senior officials. Running for higher office allows him to get up from under there thumbs. The interesting thing about him also is that people seemingly like him more than John Edwards who ran in the VP slot the last election. I liked him too.

c-mac said...

I am not as optimistic as you are Rich with Obama. I agree with Lance that a more padded resume' would make him look good - but i don't believe that all the White folks who say they would vote for him would vote for him. I don't know if he knows what it will take to be president the way it should be done. Obviously we've had one that don't know. Personally I could vote for McCain. Knows military, security, and is not a chicken hawk - appears to be his own man and yet will listen to others. I think Obama is the future and while I don't want him to slow down I don't want him set up to run too fast either. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes - my heart goes out for him.

Lance said...

like c-mac sed, "i don't believe that all the White folks who say they would vote for him would vote for him".

it could work against and it could work for him. i'm sure there was a lotta white people that sed they weren't going to vote for bill clinton, second term, til they look at their bank accounts.

things against obama for president:

1) his senate tenure isn't long enough
2) no established agendas in the senate
3) no military experience
4) no law enforcement experience
5) the name, outside of the metro areas (the south, midwest) sounds too much like "osama"
(yeah, i know that sound igg'nant but igg'nant people vote too!)
6) he's black.

the republicans know their backs are against the wall right now, gunning for the white house in '08...by summer of '07, they will have their men readied for the white house and kick back to watch the democrats fall over themselves in the traditional fashion of primary bickering and backstabbing.

now that we have a democrat congress and senate majority, shits gotta move quick, fast and hurry to keep the public's confidence up.

now if osama was a republican. game over, it wouuld be a mccain/barack ticket in '08

Lance said...

typo: i meant "obama" was a republican...my bad

nette said...

Thanks Lance Im going to have to see that movie also. I agree a black president would be great but is it as close as we really think. And Yes Obama would need to get a few more stars added to his political report card before he can really make some progress. Thanks for the welcome Rich, I spent this summer in Jacksonville I didnt like it that much, maybe I need to give it another try.

Rich in the Stl said...

Depending on your host, you will either love or hate Jax. There can be fun to be had, but you have to be open to mixing it up with other cultures. The African American community there is not as progressive as I would like to it.

Rich in the Stl said...

as I would like for it to be, that is.

nette said...

That is the truth and I had awful hosts, next time I will try it alone. Anyway I been on the lo zone and that Miami thing sounds great I have been trying to party down there for a couple of years now. Im down for whatever just let me no when and where and how much do I have to kick out. I enjoy so much kicking with you guys everyone seems very educated yet down to earth.

Rich in the Stl said...

You'll meet some good people up in here and at the Lo Zone. I didn't know anybody but Lo when I got there, but they all treated me like a long lost cousin. It's all love up in there.

Dawnya said...

As much as I love the idea of a black president I think it will hurt Obama to run now. He needs to wait. As Lance and C-mac stated he doesn't have the resume to really get in the white house.