chance encounters 5

chance encounters 5

Since meeting Kayla I seemed to be unraveling like a braided cord under duress. Not only have I had eyes for her, but my overall defenses have been down. I’ve abandoned church altogether. I can’t stand being a hypocrite. I’ve also been overly responsive to other attractive women. So far restraint has allowed me to dodge the bullet of infidelity, but I sense myself spiraling towards the point of no return. It’s almost like I’m watching the actions of another man. Like it’s not me who’s doing any of this. I feel like I need to do something about it, but I feel helpless, like a sheep heading into slaughter.


Sometimes trouble is like a game of chicken. You find yourself face to face with it but for the simple fear of being called scared you avoid getting out of the way; you continue traveling head long into it knowing “this is a mistake.”

My thoughts kept coming around to that very conclusion while I took the twenty-minute drive to Kayla’s. I reasoned that I had already sinned in my mind, so carrying it out wouldn’t be a big deal. I’d just repent afterwards. It’s what everybody did.


As I made my way down the L shaped stairs toward her bedroom, I tried calming my nerves by taking a sip of the drink she had prepared for us. Grand Marnier and Orange Juice. The same drink we sipped on the night we met. She remembered. I liked that about her. She paid attention to me. Remembered things I told her in conversations and made me feel like what was going on in my life mattered. With Sheila I was just somebody to pay the bills, take out the trash, keep the cars clean and whatever other “man” stuff she had for me to do. We had become each other’s answer to duty. But it wasn’t like that with Kayla. The more I thought about it the firmer my decision became. I could do this. Hell, I deserved this! Besides, I was tired of putting up with Sheila’s benevolent vaginal offerings.

I knocked. A voice came from the opposite side, “Come in.” I should have taken another sip of my drink, because I wasn’t ready for the image that was waiting for me. There she was -- bent at the waist, legs straight, red thong smiling, as she strapped on her black heels while standing next to what appeared to be a pole.

“You got to be kidding me….a stripper pole,” I said clearly not hiding the surprise in my voice.
“I figured it would be fun.” She said with a smile “A way to take the tension out of the evening. I borrowed it from one of my girlfriends. You know Robin, the one I told you about with all the men. She takes a pole dancing class. I sat in on it a couple of times and learned a few moves.”

“Boy, I can’t wait to see those.”

“Well, I tell you what, you take a seat by the door there, enjoy your drink and let me do the rest.”

As she walked to the other side of the room my eyes helplessly followed. I hadn’t even undressed and this was better than anything Sheila and I had ever done. When we had sex it was good, but it was pretty well orchestrated, never a surprise. I could always tell when she was ready to have sex simply by the way she dressed for bed. We rarely did it when I wanted to. She controlled everything, just sucked the spontaneity right out of our sex life, which made this evening more of a treat.

“Well, you sure threw me off with the jazz you had playing.”

“I didn’t want you to think you were coming up in here to get raped. Although, I can’t wait to see what’s underneath all that clothing you have on.”

“That’s not a problem at all. As a matter of fact, I can lose some of it right now.”

“I have a better idea. Why don’t you let me start the music, dance a little for you and unwrap my present myself.”

That said she clicked the remote in her hand. The familiar chords of a keyboard begin to play as Prince’s Diamond and Pearls started our first act of the evening. I leaned back in my chair, took a sip and begin to drink Kayla in slowly. Her calculated movements towards me caused me to stiffen. I repositioned myself just in time for her to come and straddle my leg.


Button… Zipper… Pull…. Hot kisses. I’m buzzed. In between sets, we got blunted while I gave her some of my own foreplay. In return, baby girl has been swirling, spinning, sliding, nibbling and licking me into a frenzied heat. Somehow I’ve only managed to lose my shirt. “Not yet,” she keeps saying, her nakedness testing me as she grinds her body against mine amid the intoxicating sounds of pleasure. “I want to taste you.” She finally whispers. So eager to please, I begin removing my remaining clothing. With my strength finally free of restraint she takes me in her hand while looking down admiringly at her new prized possession. I smile knowing I’ve made good on my boasting, but the look in her eyes begins to change. I can’t quite make it out. Somehow delight has turned to horror. My awareness doesn’t fully set in until I feel the unforgiving metal pressed against the back of my ear. I hear the hammer pull back and set into place. “Make one false move and I’ll kill you dead,” came a voice smelling of cigarettes and two-day-old drunkenness. “Now get on over there on that bed….the both of you. I bet you didn’t think I’d find you did you Mae Francis?”

“Julius!? How the hell did you get in here?”

“You know this guy?” I said trying to figure out how I just went from screwing to getting seemingly screwed. This guy Julius didn’t seem like her type at all, and why was he calling her Mae Francis.

“Does she know me? How the hell you think she gone forget me, I’m her husband.”

“Her husband!” I said in disbelief, then turning my head to Kayla or whatever her name was I said, “ I thought you said you weren’t married.”

“No….I said….a husband is something I’ve never wanted.”

“Well look a here…..Mister Lover Man just found out you ain’t nothing but a lying ass ho. So you don’t want me eh? Is that why I caught you with your filthy hands around another man’s Johnson! I should of killed you when I had the chance. Now you got this son of a bitch in here, so I guess I got to kill the both of ya.”

“Umm, hey uhhh….This sounds like a private matter, I ain’t got nothing to do with this.” I didn’t want to leave old girl hanging, but this was some of her twisted chickens coming home to roost.

“Ohhh, you got everything to do with this Mister Lover Man. You and every filthy low life that’s running around just like you.” His blood shot eyes pierced me, no, stabbed me with the guilt that was impossible to deny. Our nakedness a testament to his every word. “The nerve of you sleeping with a married woman….my woman.”

“But I didn’t know she was married,” I pleaded.

“That still doesn’t excuse you because you’re married too.” He caught the look in my eyes having found me out. “Thought I didn’t know that, didn’t you? I saw you slipping your ring off in the car before you ran up in here. You shoulda drove your ass home to your own wife, now you got to pay too.”

I tried to find the words that would get me out of this mess. Something that would help me to get safely back home to Sheila, but nothing was coming to me.

“Don’t do this, I’ll do whatever you want,” Kayla said standing, trying to appeal to him sexually. In one swift motion he raises his left hand and backhands her to the floor, spilling some of the contents of the bottle he was holding.

“Get your filthy hands off of me. I can’t stand the sight of you. I’m so mad with you I don’t know what to do. Got me looking for your ass for over a year now. You shoulda thought about that before you left.” Kayla laid on the floor crying; pleading to Julius between sobs for him not to do this. The fear and trembling in her voice let me know that he was capable of murder.

In that moment I recalled the scriptures in Proverbs that talked about the wrath of a man finding his wife with a lover. This had to be a bad dream. I wanted someone to shake me and wake me up, but it was real. I had messed up bad this time. God tried to reach me, but my flesh got the best of me. I should have never dialed her number. Should have followed my first mind to keep going. Should have left well enough alone. As I sat there contemplating my fate during the seconds that seemed like minutes, Julius took another drink out of the bumpy bottle of Seagrams Gin he held in his left hand. He turned it up. I watched him watch me as he took gulp after gulp as if it were water. I thought of rushing him to try and wrestle that gun from his hand, but I sat motionless. Frightened by the thought of what Kayla’s tears knew all too well. I watched as Julius raised his gun hand and pointed it towards me, I closed my eyes and waited for him to squeeze.

This will conclude the blog edition of chance encounters. I think I will work on this some more and turn it into a novella, possibly rewrite some of what's already written and fill in the gaps a bit. But consider this a first free look. I hope you enjoyed it. As time permits, maybe I will create another blovella. Feel free to comment or ask any questions you have regarding the story. Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

U R just WRONG! WRONG! WRONG on SO MANY levels mr. man! but i loved every freaking moment. and keep us posted on when your books are available!

CapCity said...

Wow, Bro Rich! u've got me stuttering like DeNiro in Analyze This: "U, you're good! U!!!!" I wanna grow up to be as succinct as U;-)...

Shai said...

Ok, Rich, you are so, sO, SO wrong. How you gonna give us a hit then pull out. NOT! This betta become a novel so we can continue enjoying. What the freakin hell...writes stuff then runs away. Mannn!!!

Mega Rich said...

@ everyone - not my intention to run - writing just pulls on you and takes a lot to produce. A lot of people make it look easier than what it is, but with everything I have going on right now it's hard to keep spitting this out each week like clockwork. But keep watching, I got something coming for y'all. Once all this school starting back up slows down I may explore some other ideas as well. I'll be sure and share.

Thanks for the love. This has been a most humbling experience.

Mizrepresent said...

Oh Rich, this was so EXCELLENT! In every way, the tense moment, the visuals, the it, love it, love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow Bruh! If you had to go out, this was a heckuva way to do it. Dang! I'm really feelin' the whole "If I had to do it all over again, Lord please give me a chance, what is I'm gone do now" vibe! Also, thinking of rushing ol' dude but being paralyzed. Mmm.

Good stuff.

Mega Rich said...

@miz and sojourner - thanks for the vote of confidence. It's interesting how people love the things you are most unsure of and the things that you think will be a hit you get the "mehh, it's ok" response. I'm glad the both of you liked it. It goes without saying that the two of you were my inspiration for doing this in the first place. Keep setting the pace, keep raising the bar.

Ticia said...

Man---- you are doing the thang!!! I was ready for the hot action scene..

I can't wait for more :)

LadyShay said...

Wait a hot damn minute!!!!!!! I can't believe you did this to meeeeee:) I understand though. I am so mad though, I can't even tell you how much I want to hunt you down! But this was great, and hopefully you'll get to it. I'm def linking this!

Blu Jewel said...

talk about pumpin tha breaks! wow! that was a truly gut-wrenching installment. that was worse than the calm before the storm.

i truly like this Rich and cant wait for the next post.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I came back to blogging at the right time. Very interesting. This is bloghog247!